Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

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An unclaimed stray sitting in an animal control facility in Tennessee, Daisy the 4 year old miniature Poodle mix, was rescued by Bond County Humane Society thanks to a pet transport program. Her initial dirty and scruffy appearance was no match for a bath and a visit to the groomer. At the vet, she was spayed and had serious dental work done. Her beauty always shone through as well as her sociable joy in long walks, squeaky toys, and splashing in the kiddie pool. BCHS’ shelter director knew the perfect couple to introduce to Daisy and they adopted her into their pack June 28, 2023.

Daisy sent us this note (with some help!):

Mom and Dad lost their precious dog Zoe to complications of Cushing disease in May. They soon saw my picture and it was love at first sight. I immediately acclimated myself to my new home and have been a joy to everyone I meet. I love to cuddle and spend the night on the people bed. My favorite pastimes are looking for squirrels in my yard and playing with my squeaky toys. My bro-fur Toby and I love to do zoomies around the house, too. I am ever so happy that I found my forever home and wish that every dog and kitty will find their forever home as well.”

— Daisy Mae, Jan & Tom Hoffman, Nov. 30, 2023

shaggy dirty white dog before grooming bath
happy small white poodle mix dog with black nose wearhing a holiday scarf
happy small white poodle mix dog lying on back top of sofa with another dog


Bond County Humane Society rescued Lulu, an 11 month old Chihuahua mix, from Bond County Animal Control in December 2022 after she’d been found as an unclaimed stray, running at large. She was scared in the shelter at first, but warmed up quickly; now no one is a stranger! Lulu is happiest when she’s sitting on someone’s lap; as soon as someone sits down, she takes it as her cue. She’s also very fast, zooming through doors, even able to climb a chain link fence! We were pleased to send Lulu off to her forever home in January 2023.

Lulu’s family writes:

We adopted Lulu. I just wanted to let you know she’s doing great! She’s been to the beach and the lake. She took her first boat ride last weekend. We love her so much! Thank you for letting us adopt her.”

— MaryAnn Mierzejewski, June 28, 2023

small brown dog with expressive ears and mouth wears a pink harness and stands on a sandy beach
small brown dog wears a pink life jacket and stands up in inflatable water craft to see the dark green lake water all around


Surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by the farmer who found Peaches near his grain trucks during harvest time (November 2022), we placed this orange tabby into a foster home. She was a quiet and shy gal, getting along well with the other cats in the house, playing with them until they got too rough, taking a break, then returning later to rejoin the games. Peaches loved playing with toy mice and climbing up the cat trees. She wasn’t a big fan of people reaching for her, but when a person sat down, she’d come up for attention. Peaches went to her forever home in May 2023.

Peaches (now Frankie)’s dad writes:

Frankie hid a lot at first but now she’s comfortable and running all over the place. In the beginning, she didn’t get along at all with our other cat. They hissed at each other constantly. But now they are starting to get along much better. I wouldn’t say they are best friends, but it’s better... Frankie’s living the life! We love having her! She is definitely a good girl!! ❤️❤️ BCHS was very friendly and easy to work with during the adoption of Frankie.”

— Matt Karlovsky, June 22, 2023

striped orange cat lounging up in a carpeted cat tree indoors


We rescued Churro, a four week old calico tabby kitten, from a nearby animal control facility. Since she wasn’t weaned, we placed her into an approved foster home where she was bottle fed. She was adopted in January along with another cat. But the adoption didn’t stick; a family member turned out to be quite allergic! Churro was a happy and purring kitty, so active with her toys and loved to play with other kittens and cats; she had also become friends with the foster’s Beagle mix. So we were thrilled to match her into another forever home with a dog in March 2023. By then she was still just five months old.

Churro (now Presley)’s mom shares:

Churro, now Presley, is making herself right at home! Ate first thing and is loving life. Here is a picture of my dog Sadi and my cat Paisley. Thanks again! She’s so sweet!... Very Happy kitty! She and my other cat, Paisley, are best friends and love to play together!”

— Jaime Harrison, March 16, 2023 & April 13, 2023

striped cat on human bed playing with a toy
striped cat standing across two leather furniture pieces
two cats playing on a brown leather sofa
two cats basking in the window sunshine and sitting on two levels of a cat tree


Bond County Humane Society rescued Penny, a calico kitten, and her five litter mates from Bond County Animal Control when they were about ten weeks old. She was crazy curious and loved her siblings. Penny would play with all the toys she could get her paws on. We matched this precious girl into a great home in late July 2022.

Penny’s mom sent us this note:

I adopted Penny in August of 2022. Since then, she has brightened our household with her sweet spunky personality. Her best friend is our dog Jed and they are always together. This picture was taken a week after I brought her home. Thank you for letting me adopt her!”

— Adria Denley, March 4, 2023

small calico cat puts white paws on large brown dog's muzzle
small calico cat on bed nose to nose with large floppy eared brown dog


Bond County Humane Society rescued Fawn, a long haired calico kitten, and her siblings from Bond County Animal Control when they were only four weeks old. She was a calm girl, always ready for a nice nap. Fawn’s favorite toys were little mice, but even more favorite was snuggling with people for a long session of petting. In December 2022, at just nine weeks old, she joined a household who has adopted several other long haired cats from BCHS!

Fawn (now Mitzi)’s mom shares:

Here’s a few pics of my new kitten Mitzi (formerly Fawn) and Harley. She loves to curl up in a trash basket I have sitting next to my chair! And on the leather furniture. Mitzi will also sleep in Harley’s basket, not wanting to get out, even when Harley comes to claim it back: you can barely see her paws and nose... They’re definitely friends though: togetherness.

“And here’s a good picture of Mitzi, who I adopted the middle of December 2022. And a few of her being her silly goofy self. She’s growing WAY too fast, I can hardly believe she’s the same cat from that cute little snot nose kitty!”

— Barb Dothage McClure, February 13, 2023 & May 31, 2023

fluffy black, white, and tan kitten sleeps with a pink toy
calico cat meows sitting on a wood framed chair
long haired cream cat sits in basket on top of a silly calico kitten
closeup of calico cat's upside down face with bright pink nose

Franklin & Simon

When a 3 month old orange and white tabby cat showed up at a house, their own cat bullied him badly so they surrendered him in 2013 to Bond County Humane Society. We named the unclaimed stray Franklin. Since then he’s been adopted and returned twice and is considered special needs due to his urinary issues and Rx food. Franklin was so affectionate, playful, loved cuddles and instructing the other cats in proper scratching technique. Simon’s owner could not care for the 2 month old buff orange kitten and so surrendered him to BCHS in 2018. He’s always been so gentle, shy, and reserved, keeping to himself. But then Simon finally made a best friend in his community room: Franklin. In September 2022, we were thrilled to send our Franklin home with a kindhearted couple who previously gave one of our senior girls (Buttons) the best cozy and easy life. A week later, Franklin’s new parents returned to the shelter to adopt Simon, too!

The pair’s mom and dad write:

Hello Rachel, Jane, and all! First of all, Franklin and Simon are doing very well! They continue to be partners in crime, and never stray far from one another. We are really glad that we made the decision to come back for Simon. We can’t imagine life without this pair! Franklin’s had very few issues with our other younger cats. And Simon has really come out of his shell. At first, if he ventured out and you moved, he’d run and hide, but now he comes out and lounges around. He’ll even let you pet him for a while as long as you have food ready to give him. He’s become very vocal at feeding time. He’s even gotten to the point where he’ll occasionally sleep at the foot of the bed at night with us. I doubt he’ll ever be a cat that cuddles, but then again we also didn’t expect him to let us pet him so you never know. Thank you for all you do!””

— Bob and Michelle Schaeg, Nov 9, 2022 & June 19, 2023

two ginger tabby cats lounging on a red and green bed blanket
two ginger tabby cats excited by food in the hands of a woman standing in their bedroom