Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

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Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae raising her four kittens in foster care!

In late spring 2016, a pregnant long haired tuxedo cat was found as a stray under a porch and brought to Bond County Humane Society. We placed her in a foster home where ten days later, her kittens were born. Of the five babies, one was born dead, but the rest grew up healthy and happy in the foster home, playing with the two adults and their two young grandchildren. Momma cat, now named Ellie Mae, charmed her way deep into the fosters’ hearts and they adopted her themselves. The kittens went off to stay at the BCHS shelter until they found their own adoptive homes later that summer and fall.

Ellie Mae’s parents write:

Ellie Mae says thank you to BCHS. Our house was so much fun taking care of this kitty family [last summer]. We were so lucky to get to foster them from birth to 2 months. We adopted her over a year ago. She seems to like her forever home. She spends some of her time in the RV. People take her picture all the time. Ellie Mae has now traveled from South Dakota to south Florida. It has been a challenge training her to acclimate to this life. But, she has learned that if she sits at the window, she can see all the critters running around. She is a happy girl. I thought you might like to see how the hard work from the volunteers helps change a life forever. Thank you to everyone who works so hard helping everyone get a home.”

— Lori and Mark File, August 11, 2017

Sable loves the park and adventuring with her brother!
Sable will share her chair with her human brother!
Sable will share her chair with her human brother!

Another note and photos from Ellie Mae’s family!

We are almost home from Florida. Teaching her to ride in the RV has been a challenge, but we have made great strides. It has been worth the effort. She gives us so much joy. It is fun taking her with us. We all have a great time together.”

— Lori and Mark File, March 26, 2018

Sable explores the creeks with her human sister!
Sable takes a car ride with her human brother!

More updates!

This is how our cat spends her day. She has her owns pets now! Ellie is so grateful for everything you all did to help her.”

— Lori and Mark File, October 7, 2021

Long haired tuxedo cat watching the chipmunks in the wildlife feeder.


Blessing, now Pablo in his new adoptive furever home

The woman who adopted Blessing — BCHS’s charmed tiny kitten — is a veterinary technician. She submitted his wonderful rescue tale for our scrapbook and newsletter:

On April 25th I went to work at Countryside Pet Clinic in Greenville like any other Tuesday. [That soon changed.] We received a phone call from Bond County Humane Society about a [sick] momma cat who had delivered one baby on her own but may still have more. Sure enough, X-rays showed more.

“Dr. Brittni Davis and I prepped for an emergency c-section to try to save momma Sweetie and her three babies. Together we got them out, and I put a baby inside my shirt on each side and kept the other one in my hands to keep warm. After a good 30 minutes all three kittens were moving and crying and ready to be with mom.

“Unfortunately [Sweetie was not healthy enough to care for her kittens. Another nursing momma cat at BCHS took on the kittens as her own. Sadly two of the kittens’ strength faded and they did not pull through. The last kitten, Blessing, on the other hand, continued to thrive and grow.]

“So weeks went by and my husband and I had a cat that passed away from kidney disease on May 27th. My husband kept pestering me about getting another cat and I kept putting him off, not thinking I was ready. Then I showed up to work and spoke to KayAnna from BCHS; she told me she had a little guy named Blessing there for neuter surgery and who he was. Once I saw him again I knew I wasn’t going to leave him. We have a special connection and I might have saved his life; I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to make him mine.

“He has definitely filled a hole we needed filled. He is a handful, entertaining, and always purring. His name is now Pablo.

“Thank you for giving me this sweet blessing,”

— Caryssa Downs, Greenville, Illinois, July 28, 2017



Yuri, his mom, and seven littermates were abandoned in a cardboard box and a kind lady took the entire family in, caring for them until the puppies were weaned. She kept the momma dog as a pet and surrendered the Blue Heeler mix puppies to Bond County Humane Society so we could find them permanent homes. Yuri was adopted in November 2016.

Yuri’s parents write:

Hello! Thank you for the newest addition to our family! Yuri has been such a great dog to us, and it is a blast getting to know him. He is so smart and he has learned so much! He knows how to come, sit, down, and jump over my legs! We are learning how to stay now, which is proving to be a little more challenging, but Yuri is up to the test! He is certainly keeping us busy. On top of being super smart, he is also so funny! He goes from being a fireball of energy zipping from one end of the house to the other to being a giant cuddle bug! He loves to be held and loved.

“The brindle in him is coming out a lot more. It much more visible in his face and on his chest, and more prominent on all four legs. He even has some on his ears! We have been rubbing and playing with his feet to make nail trims a no-biggie. His favorite toys are nyla bones and the stuffed elephant squeaker toy we got at Petco the day after we adopted him!

“He has also made quite a few friends, two and four legged! He does wonderful with Santy’s little cousins — both boys grew up in a household afraid of dogs. He is the perfect mixture of playful and cuddly that they feel comfortable around him. The oldest even held him the other day!

“And he loves coming to work with me at the St. Joseph Animal Hospital. He follows our diabetic clinic cat, Tiger, around everywhere. He is the best big brother to our little Yuri and outweighs him by a whopping eight pounds! (I also weighed Yuri for the first time today — 8lbs 6oz!) Yuri is quite the ladies man around the clinic. All my coworkers adore him! When it is quiet we let him run around, but he never strays far.

“He also loves to play with my two dogs. When Santy is at work, he stays with me, and he is kind of in love with my Vizsla, Ginger. He climbs all over her and gives her lots of kisses! Tuck, the Weimaraner, is still unsure about how he feels about another puppy taking some of his attention, but he is very tolerant and goes about his own business until it is time for Yuri to go home.

“A few things we have learned about Yuri are: Yuri loves his neighborhood walks. He lets you get a certain distance ahead before he comes running after you! He also likes to eat dust bunnies off of the floor — yuck! He loves the couch life. We are still learning to master the stairs, though. He is also a big fatty!! I have never seen a puppy devour food as fast as he does. Food-motivated is an understatement. Sometimes I don’t even think he chews! But he is our cute little stinker and we love him with all of our hearts! Thank you all so much! We hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.”

With All Our Love, Jenna, Santy, and of course, Yuri Cazares, December 3, 2016

Photos from Yuri’s Family!

Yuri keeps an eye on dad's video gaming
Yuri zonked out asleep
Yuri loves his friend Ginger
Yuri hanging out with dad

“Love my cute silly Yuri! Thank you so much BCHS for the laughter and love this little dog brings us.” — Jenna, March 26, 2017

Yuri loves his Kong treats dispensing toy


Bond County Humane Society pulled Coco, a timid nine month old Whippet mix, from a high-kill animal control facility when her time had expired to give her a second chance at life. Coco’s old owners had surrendered her and they said, even though she was so gentle and good with children, they had no time for her. BCHS did not have her very long in our shelter before we introduced her to her brand new furever home in October 2016.

Coco the dog in her furever home

Her adopting mommy sent us this great note with photos:

I have named her Addie. She is doing great! She has almost mastered ‘shake’ for a treat as well. She definitely knows her name. Keegan [my other dog] has welcomed her with no problem. She is still trying to figure out what to do with the cats. LOL!

“Thank you again for allowing me to take care of the wonderful creature!! I love her dearly!!”

— Amy Weber, October 31, 2016

Photos from Coco (now Addie)’s Family!

Addie/Coco and Keegan chill at home
Addie/Coco and Keegan take a break from playing ball in the yard


Barnaby, a Labrador Retriever / Chow Chow mix, came into Bond County Humane Society in March 2016, surrendered along with another large dog by an owner who simply had too many animals in their home to care for. Barnaby was 2 1/2 years old and tested heartworm positive. His dog friend he was surrendered with got adopted right away while Barnaby endured the medical treatment and rest period required to deal with his heartworm disease. But with such a gentle, cuddly disposition, housetraining, and a good history of living with younger children, Barnaby found his furever family July 16 and went home to Scott Air Force Base.

Barnaby’s parents have shared these emails with us:

Rachel and Bond County Humane Society, We just wanted to thank you for trusting us with Barnaby! What a gentle giant he is!

“We are loving this guy — We hit the doggie lottery!! — and are thankful he is a part of our family. Hopefully we can bring him by Petco for a Saturday visit sometime soon. He is adjusting well and we are starting to see more of his personality every day. Here are a few pictures of our first days together. We haven’t taken one of all four of us yet.

“Take care.”

— Travis and Angie Sears, July 19 & 20, 2016

Photos from Barnaby’s Family!

Barnaby at home with his little girl
Barnaby goes for rides in the car
Barnaby loves grass between his toes
Barnaby helps his little girl relax and read

Another note and photo from Barnaby’s family!

Barnaby is still a happy boy and living in Las Vegas now. Seeing the world! This is Barnaby at the Grand Canyon this summer.”

— Angie Sears, August 28, 2019

Barnaby visited the Grand Canyon!


Bond County Humane Society pulled Zane, an eight year old Beagle, from Pocahontas Animal Control when his time had expired to give him another chance at life in his senior dog years. Zane was picked up as a stray and must have been roaming for quite a while because his ears were full of ticks. BLECH! His favorite thing at our shelter was still going for walks so he could take in all the scents. In June 2016, Zane met his new furever family who adopted him!

Zane’s parents sent us this note:

Joe [as you can tell, we’ve renamed Zane] figured out that he can lay on any of the 3 dog beds we have out in the living room. Sometimes he and our other dog, Sadie, play musical beds. One will get up to go get a drink and the other will steal that bed.

“Joe also likes to watch ‘Dogtown’ and ‘Save Our Shelter’ with me. He follows us around as he seems to want to be near us all the time. We don’t mind one bit.

“Still working on the housebreaking, but he’s doing much better. I finally caught on to his signal when he needs to go out. Maybe I was the one that needed the training!!

“We are so happy to have him in our family. Thank you and your staff for taking such good care of our boy till he found us.”

— John DeMichael, June 23, 2016

Photos from Zane (now Joe)’s Family!

Zane at home with his rope toy
Zane loves grass behind his ears and hanging out with sister Sadie
Zane watches TV with dad
Zane has a great and easy relaxing life


Bond County Humane Society pulled Baron, a three year old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, from Bond County Animal Control when his time had expired to give him a second chance at life as a pet. When he came to BCHS he was very thin and his heartworm test results were positive. We treated him for heartworms and used the extra time to work with him to learn his manners like “Sit”, “Off”, and walking nice on leash. And Baron found his furever home during one of BCHS’s regular adoption events on Saturday February 20, 2016 at Petco in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Baron’s new mom has texted and emailed:

Hi, Rachel and BCHS,

“Baron still doesn’t enjoy having his picture taken, but he’s learned how to shake and he will shake paws for anything and everything! He is a very smart boy, and is learning new things all the time! Sweet puppy loves babies too!

“Baron has made himself right at home! He is a wonderful dog and full of love and personality!”

— Danielle Holmes, May 10, 2016 & July 20, 2016

Photos from Baron’s Mom!

Baron is king of the couch
Baron is ready for anything, hopes it's the park!
Baron will shake paws
Sweet puppy loves babies


Kerry was an 8 week old Schnauzer Mix puppy surrendered with his 6 litter mates to Bond County Humane Society in November 2015. Their mom had not wanted to nurse them any more and their owner did not want them at all, so at the dog shelter, we fed them moistened puppy food and got to work finding everyone new families. At the end of December, Kerry and all of his brothers and sisters, went to their new homes.

Kerry’s new family wrote us this great update on him:

Hi, Rachel and BCHS, Kerry (we’ve named our precious baby boy Brady) is so awesome.

“He is the sweetest, coolest, smartest little guy and we just absolutely love him. He quickly became our 3rd child. Well, 4th if you count my husband, :) We took him for his 2nd vet visit yesterday. He is up to 16lbs 10oz. They expect he will probably get to be around 30 pounds. He is almost potty trained; just a couple of accidents here and there. He can sit and shake his paw and he LOVES to snuggle.

“Thank you for choosing us to be his family.”

— Liz Perkins, March 2, 2016

Photos from Kerry (now Brady)’s Family!

Kerry posing with his new sister
There's always room for one more on the sofa
Kerry the snuggle pup