Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

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Simon was part of an 8-puppy Lab-Retriever mix litter that Bond County Humane Society rescued in early 2005. Simon was adopted right away by the kind of family we hope for for all of our animals. It makes us so happy to hear that they are willing to do whatever they can to give their dog a good life.

Simon at his new home

We’ve received a series of email letters and photos from Simon’s new family:

Hello All, We wanted to give you an update on Simon, whom we adopted from you 6 years ago last spring. Simon was just 8 weeks old when we took him home and small enough to hold in my arms. Now he weighs 97 pounds!

“We recently discovered that Simon has Cushing’s Disease. His adrenal glands were producing too much cortisol which causes extreme thirst and hunger, lethargy and intolerance to heat, as well as other symptoms. We first noticed something was wrong when he began to pee in the house, which was very uncharacteristic of him. We took him to our wonderful vet, Dr. Lange, at Elm Point Animal Hospital in St. Charles MO, to see if he had a urinary track infection or possibly diabetes. When the tests came back negative he suggested we test Simon for Cushing’s Disease and sure enough that’s what was causing him so much distress. Cushing’s can’t be cured but there is a treatment, it’s expensive but Simon is worth it.

“He’s been on the medication for about a month now and we can’t believe how much he’s changed. He’s full of energy, playful and very happy. We joke about how we’ve got a new dog. He must have been sick for a very long time because we only remember him being this active as a young dog. He will require treatment for the rest of his life but our vet tells us Simon has a normal life expectancy and we’re VERY happy about that.

“When he was first diagnosed we called several pharmacies to try to get the best price on his medication. When we called Walgreens to inquire about the drug, they told us that for a $20/year membership fee we could get a prescription savings card for Simon. It would save us 20% each time we filled the prescription which equates to $35/month. We were shocked! We are so impressed with their generosity. Simon just got his prescription card in the mail but we aren’t sure how he’s going to sign the back!

“You say Simon is so fortunate to be a part of our family, but we think WE are the fortunate ones. Simon is such a wonderful dog and we love him so much. We hope you are all doing well too!

— Sincerely, Tom, Leslie and Simon, November 2011

Simon gives his forever family a look
Simon too happy to stay awake


In April 2011, Herman was about 11 weeks old. He and his black and white Labrador Retriever mix littermates had been found in a local ditch with their mother. A kind lady stopped and took the puppies home. She took them to Bond County Humane Society where they were kept clean and warm. Herman loved to cuddle but liked to chase his littermates, too.

Photo from Herman’s Family!

Herman happy at his new home

A letter from Herman’s new family:

Dear BCHS, Hi! Just wanted to give you an update on Herman, the lab-retriever mix we adopted in April. We knew as soon as we saw Herman he was going to be a great addition to our family. Thanks to all the love and attention he was given by everyone at BCHS, Herman was at ease with the transition to his new home.

“He is an extremely well-mannered dog. He is very attentive, extremely smart, and well-behaved. He loves to be around people. We joke that he is somewhat of an attention hog. But it seems that everyone that meets him falls in love with him just like we did. Herman loves the outdoors. He loves going on walks and playing fetch in the yard. (And to also chase the occasional bird.) Herman is also quite loveable too. He likes to snuggle up and take naps. He is very happy when he is with the company of anyone. We are expecting our first child in April, and know Herman will be a great protector and big brother.

“We just wanted to say thanks for giving us the opportunity to adopt such an amazing animal. The people at BCHS really love and care for all the animals they have.

“Thanks! And we hope you all have an amazing day!”

— Ryan, Erica, and Herman , September 2011


Grayson is a black Lab mixed puppy who came into Bond County Humane Society’s care along with her four litter mates. She was adopted in April 2011.

A letter from the family who adopted Grayson (now Gracie):

Hi! Just wanted to update you on the status of our newest family member. First of all we are all doing well and enjoying our time together.

“We changed her name from Grayson to Gracie. She has adapted quite well to the change. She has done quite a bit of growing. She is now 50lbs and a good deal taller and longer since you saw her last. When we visited the vet he was quite certain that she is wolfhound along with lab. Gracie’s grey hair seems to be spreading all over so I think that will really make the wolfhound show in her appearance. He predicts that the lab in her will keep her smaller. He is predicting about 75lbs. We will see.

“Gracie is such a joy to have in our family and a constant source of amusement with her silly & fun personality. What a wonderful decision it was to adopt her.

“I also wanted to share with you that our vet was quite impressed with the job you had done at BCHS. He was so pleased with how well she had been socialized. Just wanted to send a couple of pictures.”

— Thanks, Patti Borlee, June 2011

Grayson (now Gracie) in her fur-ever home:

Gracie has her spot on the carpet
Happy Gracie watches everyone at home


Maria was a beautiful silver blue and cream striped tabby cat. In April 2011 she was about 14 months old. She had been found wandering around by the Bond County Humane Society dog shelter for several weeks. BCHS volunteers thought she might belong to someone who lived nearby, but they couldn’t find anyone. Maria would wait for the volunteers to come in to work because she knew she would get fed. BCHS took her in to the cat shelter and waited for someone to come and claim her, but no one ever came. She was very sweet and easy going most of the time and loved to be held by people. Even the dogs didn’t bother her when they barked at her. We knew she would make someone a wonderful companion. And now she has!

This was kitty Maria in BCHS care:

Maria in BCHS care

Here’s a letter from Maria’s adopting Dad:

Just a short note to let every one know that Maria is doing wonderfully in her new home. She explored her new surroundings for a few hours before finding a favorite nap area on the couch. She is eating well and using her litter box regularly. Purchased a few toys for her that she enjoys playing with. Maria is such an affectionate, easy going kitty. She likes to ‘talk’ and will answer when called. She spends hours on my lap and purrs on and on. Really a joy to have her here. She likes to be in the same room as me and spends her nights sleeping in my office chair that I have in my bedroom. She also likes setting on the window sill and watching outside where I have a large tree with a small bird population. I am happy to have her here and she likes it too I think.

“Thanks to everyone at the shelter for helping me adopt Maria. Thanks also for all the work you do for the animals.”

— Kind regards, Kurt Isbrecht and Maria, April 2011


Sarah and her littermates were dumped in a ditch with their mother. A kind lady stopped and brought the black and white Labrador Retriever mix puppies to Bond County Humane Society. After that, all they knew was warmth and cleanliness. Sarah was very loving and liked to snuggle in people’s arms. She enjoyed chasing her littermates and chewing on chew toys. When she was about 3 months old, a family adopted her from BCHS.

Update from Sarah (now Midnight)’s new family:

Hello, I wanted to say hello and send a few photos of our wonderful puppy. Our daughter elected to change her name to Midnight and she seems to like it very well.

“I am amazed at how smart she is, only 1 accident since she has come home. Even our dog Sophia seems to love her; they play constantly.

“Each morning the 2 dogs and I go for mini walks and her training is going great. She sits, stays close, walks well on the leash and has even learned the words IN and OUT. Each time we enter the home she sits at the door waiting for me to unhook her leash.

“Funny thing she has learned how to bark; yes I know she has always barked. But now when we sit on the couch and I act like I am ignoring her she will bark at me. I tell her to hush and that I am the boss; she will bark again so I bark back and this interaction of we bark at each other lasts forever. LOL

“Well please know that the invitation is ALWAYS open, please please feel free to come for a visit. WE LOVE HER! Thank you for her.”

— With great respect, The Anderson Family (Lisa ~ Rob ~ Savannah ~ Michael ~ Sophia and Midnight), April 2011

Sarah (now Midnight) in her fur-ever home:

Midnight and sister Sophia hang out with Dad
Midnight wants to tug rope
Midnight wants to fetch
Midnight is tuckered out
Midnight sleeps with her toys
Midnight happy at home


Sylvia was approximately one year old in early 2006. She had been abused before Bond County Humane Society received her, and as a result she suffered a broken pelvis, broken femur and broken front leg. In spite of her abuse she remained very sweet and affectionate. She did walk with a limp in the back that she will probably have the rest of her life. That did not stop her from running and playing like any other young cat. And this lucky tabby cat got adopted into her forever home.

“After this family adopted Sylvia, they brought 5 or 6 cats to [Bond County Humane Society’s annual event] Paws In The Park to be micro-chipped. That was a real treat. We chipped them in the van just in case they got loose. Fortunately everything went well.”
— Rachel Hundsdorfer, President BCHS

Sylvia’s parents write:

Hope you had a great Holiday. We adopted Sylvia back on February 25, 2006. I attached a couple photos. She is doing well and spoiled as are all our cats.”

— Jim and Leslie Joseph, January 2011

Photo from Sylvia’s Family!

Sylvia happy at her furever home



Bond County Humane Society rescued Rudy when he was four months old. His owners had abandoned him and his three brothers and sister at a campground. They were living under a camper when BCHS came and got the Labrador Retriever and Shepherd mix puppies. They did not get all the socialization they should have when they were little puppies so Rudy was very scared of new people and new places. Going to busy and confusing adoption day events was not fun for him but he enjoyed the patient, one-on-one attention with most volunteers back at his BCHS dog kennels home. He loved to play in water from a hose with his brother, Prancer.

By now, Rudy was about one year old. Then one wonderful day a family with a dog who looked as if he could be Rudy’s twin came to adoption day to meet him. The two dogs got along great and the family was eager to work with Rudy’s social fears and promised to love him forever.

Rudy’s family sent us an email update soon after they adopted him:

Dear Rachel and all at BCHS, I wanted to write you and give you an update on how Rudy is doing. I know that you and your husband love him and miss him very much, and that you would appreciate such information.

“Rudy is doing much better. He has been eating his food and going to the bathroom like he should. He really enjoys being with Bo and the two of them have been playing together. Tails are up and wagging. Bo has truly made a HUGE difference in helping him adjust to his new environment and his new people. He loves going for walks with Bo around the neighborhood. Bo has been even sharing his bone with him. The two of them are like two peas in a pod. You may be happy to know that he does not hide in his crate. In fact, this morning when I opened the crate he came out happy and wagging his tail.

“He does have a lot of fear and if a situation arises that he is not comfortable with, such as a noisy lawnmower or kids, he starts shaking and foaming from the mouth. We take him inside the house during such times, so that he may calm down.

“It was a tough trip home for him [the afternoon of the adoption], but by the evening he was comfortable enough to sleep in Bo’s bed.

“I want to assure you that Rudy is a very lucky dog. He has found a good home and he is and will be taken care of as one of our own. I truly appreciate your help in adding this new member to our family.”

— Sincerely, Anatoly & Carolyn, November 2010

Photos from Rudy’s Family:

Rudy and Bo on the porch
Rudy happy at home wrestling with brother Bo
Rudy has his brother Bo's bone
Rudy and Bo hanging in front of the fireplace


Cody and his litter mates, Cammie and Chester, are Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix puppies who were taken to a home by their mother before she disappeared. The residents of the home contacted Bond County Humane Society and agreed to foster the 3 puppies until they could be adopted by other families. When Cody was 14 weeks old, he went to his furever home.

Cody’s family sent this message:

Hi all at Bond County Humane Society! We got Cody at PetSmart in Edwardsville in August. I just wanted to share some more pictures! He is getting so big!

“He is spoiled rotten and just graduated from a 6 week puppy training class. He does really well except for ‘stay’. He gets excited and can’t really seem to do that one very good.

“He has totally made himself at home here, and we all just love him dearly!

“He is already weighing 49 pounds. Regardless of that fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a lapdog. Just wanted to let you know how happy he is — and we are that we got him!”

— Tom, Linda, Andy, Holly, Maddie, AJ and Cody Quigley, November 2010

Photos from Cody’s Family:

Cody with Dad
Cody wants to change the tv channel?
Cody wants to go out for a walk
Cody snuggles at home
Happy Cody napping

It’s super when we receive additional notes and photos from Cody’s family!

This is Cody, we adopted him from you at PetSmart 3 1/2 years ago. He likes to show off. Thank you so much for saving him.”

— Tom Quigley, Jan 20, 2015

Cody has a habit of showing off and that's just fine with his furever family

This is Cody; he just turned six. We adopted him when he was 3 mos. old at PetSmart in Edwardsville from you. We have enjoyed every minute him. Thank You.”

— Tom Quigley, May 20, 2016

Cody's got the holidays all wrapped up with his furever family!

Cody Quigley visits BCHS in 2020

Cody, now a happy ten year old Lab mix, and his Dad, Tom Quigley, paid a surprise visit to our shelter on Friday, July 31, 2020. They came to say “Hi” and make sure we were doing OK during this tough time for non-profits (and many businesses) during the coronavirus pandemic. Tom says Cody has been a great dog all these years. In his spare time, Tom has become involved in transporting shelter dogs.

Black Labrador Retriever dog sits pretty while man holds leash and wears a face mask. Office volunteer works in the background at a desk and computer.


Brownie was an eleven week old puppy in December 2009. He and his 6 litter mates were from an unwanted litter surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by their owners. BCHS volunteers confirmed that Brownie’s father was a Miniature Dachshund and his mother was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. Caesar, an adopted dog also featured as a Happy Tail, is also from this litter.

Photo from Brownie (now Amos)’s Family!

Amos happy at his new home

A letter from Brownie (now Amos)’s new family:

My father Donald adopted a puppy last December. His shelter name was ‘Brownie’ and he was part of a litter of puppies described as Chesapeake Bay/Miniature Dachshund mixes. My father named him ‘Amos’ and he is quite a character, full of energy and he loves to play — ‘tug’ being his all-time favorite game. My father and mother spoil him and he is basically just another grandchild that gets toys and treats on a regular basis.

“My main reason for writing is to inquire if you have heard from any of the people who adopted his litter-mates. Amos will be 9 months old on July 3rd and he already weighs 56 pounds. We were just very curious if any of his brothers and sisters are as big as him. We keep waiting for the ‘Miniature Dachshund’ to kick in. My parents receive many compliments on what a handsome dog Amos is, and when they inquire: ‘What breed of dog is he?’ my parents enjoy seeing their facial response when they reply: ‘He’s a Miniature Dachshund.’

“I have attached a photo of Amos — ‘the world’s biggest miniature dachshund’ — taken in May [2010].”

— Thank you, Dale, June 2010


In January 2010, Caesar was approximately 12 weeks old. Caesar and his 6 litter mates (Dachshund, Chesapeake Bay Retriever mixes) were from an unwanted litter surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by their owners when they were almost 7 weeks old.

Photo from Caesar’s Family!

Caesar happy at his new home

A letter from Caesar’s new family:

Hello everyone at Bond County Humane Society, Ceasar [sic] is doing wonderful! We are currently working on lay down, shake, and army crawl. And lucky for us he is very motivated by treats!

“He loves to be outside, especially when it snows, so even though it’s cold we try to take him around the block a couple of times. He’s getting bigger by the day and seems to have found his voice. He has his first vet appt next week. Still a little chewer, and we think he might be teething as he is loving the frozen washclothes we give him.

“He is an absolute joy to have, and brings my fiancé and I lots of entertainment and love. We will continue to update you guys as he grows. Thanks again for everything!”

— Katie Norman and Nathan Interial, 2010


Pearl, a white short hair cat, was between 1 and 2 years old in April 2010. Pearl was surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by her owner because she did not do well with other pets they brought into the house. With BCHS volunteers and visitors, Pearl was sociable, playful and very affectionate, loving to be petted and have her tummy rubbed. Several potential adoptors applied for Pearl and finally a match was made.

We received this email from Pearl’s family:

Rachel and everyone, Pearl wanted me to let you know that all is well here. I just completed and mailed the survey, but I wanted to share some of Pearl’s photos. She is such a good girl and fits right into our family.

“She had an ear infection early on, so that meant a trip to the vet right away. The vet said other than the ear, which was treated with some antibiotic ear gel, she is in great shape.

“In [two of the] photos she is looking out onto the deck where there is a bird feeder. We call it cat TV: the Bird Channel. In the other photo she is sitting with my husband. She rarely leaves any room that he is in, and they have become great buddies. He moved my ottoman over by the window so she can easily lay there to watch her favorite channel. It isn’t where it belongs, but if it is for Pearl it is ok.

“Thank you, again, for letting Pearl come to live with us. She is a jewel and we love her so.”

— Carla & Jim McGuire, May 3, 2010

Photos from Pearl’s Family:

Pearl with Dad
Pearl is all about her Bird TV Channel
Pearl can watch the bird feeder all day


In October 2009, Peyton was approximately 6 months old, a Domestic Long Haired black and white kitten. He was very sociable, playful and affectionate, and one of the volunteers’ favorite cats at the shelter. Peyton was known for jumping out of his crate into the arms of volunteers. Peyton owes his very survival to another of our alumni cats. Aurora was a stray tabby cat that came to BCHS with her 6 kittens. When her kittens were weaned, Aurora became a surrogate mom for a 1 week old kitten that was brought into BCHS. That 1 week old kitten was Peyton!

Peyton at his new home

“Here is one picture of him [bottom right] on the cat tree with Simon watching the birds out the window. I’ll take another of just him alone and send shortly.”

— Thanks, Leanne

Peyton and brother Simon happy at his new home

Peyton’s family sent this message:

Hi from Peyton and the Copelands! Hi Everyone! We wanted to let you all know how much we love Peyton and how well he is doing. We call him Mason now and he answers.

“Jeff and I are in love with him and he plays and gets along great with the others. He has adjusted well and lets me know when he wants something. His tail is longer than him and he still rolls up in a ball and does great summersaults. He has his own play schedule and doesn’t like it when he knows we are leaving and stays by the door to keep us from going out. He is laying inside the doorway waiting when we come back. He likes to chew on my hair and he has taken to a white ribbon for his favorite toy and he drags it everywhere in the house with him and guards it from the other cats. He loves toilet paper so I have to keep it up high or he will unroll the entire roll and distribute it everywhere.

“He is wonderful and funny and special as you already knew and he makes us laugh and smile even if we are having a bad day. What a blessing he is!! He won’t sleep on anything soft yet; he still sleeps on the floor and we’ve tried to get him to sleep with us and the other cats, but he won’t. I just let him be himself and he is right at my feet and follows me with each step — from the time I get up all the way to bedtime. He has to know where I am at all times or he makes his little noise (which is not really a meow), and I answer him and he shakes his tail excitedly when he sees me. He likes to sleep by my feet when I’m trying to cook, so that is a bit of a challenge!

”Simon and Sammy run and play and wrestle him in between their naps. It’s a blast around here!! He sits on the cat tree and watches the birds and squirrels on our feeders in the back yard. He actually runs there first thing in the morning and waits for me to open the blinds. Thank you for all you do for the love and care of these precious animals.

”Thank you for allowing me to adopt him and have such a great little guy in our life!!!”

— Leanne Copeland, February 16, 2010


Lovey, a Domestic Short Hair cat, was a mild-mannered stray found by a family in Greenville and brought to Bond County Humane Society. Lovey was adopted in January 2010 at approximatedly 7 months old.

We received this email from Lovey (now Sunnie)’s family:

Dear Dennis and Rachel, Good evening. Hollie, Madison, and I are truly enjoying ‘Lovey’ our new cat. We did change her name to Sunnie when we brought her home.

“I have attached a couple pictures of her, as well as Toby, our black lab mix that we adopted from you guys in 2004. Everything has been great and Sunnie has adjusted really well in our home.

“Have a great weekend and thanks again for all of the work you guys do!!!”

— Dennis, Hollie, Madison, Toby, and Sunnie Holland, January 2010

Photos from Lovey (now Sunnie)’s Family:

Sunnie at her new home
Sunnie enjoys time with her human sister
Sunnie's dog brother Toby was also adopted from BCHS

We love getting continued updates from our BCHS families like Lovey (now Sunnie)’s and Toby’s!

I just wanted to share a picture of Toby and Sunnie who were both adopted from your wonderful humane society. Toby is now 12.5 years old and Sunnie is now almost 6. We love them both so very much and want to thank you for the most wonderful gifts you have given our family! Merry Christmas to all of you!

— Hollie Holland, December 14, 2014

Sunnie and Toby are more than brother sister, they're best friends.