Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

Have you adopted a pet from Bond County Humane Society? If so... We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email bchs4pets@sbcglobal.net or write a new post to our Facebook page! Let us know how everyone’s doing at home and/or how your pet has changed your life for the better! Include an updated photo of your fur kid(s) for a chance to see it included here and/or in a future issue of BCHS’s Newsletter! Thanks so much!

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Lynx, a brown tabby cat, was found by a maid at a local motel at 2-1/2 weeks old. He was taken home by a Bond County Humane Society volunteer because he needed round-the-clock nourishment. Lynx grew very sociable, loving cats and people, but he never met a dog. He showed very high energy in the morning, but would cuddle and nap in your lap later on. Lynx found his forever home through us when he was twelve weeks old.

We received this letter from Lynx’s new family:

Hello, Willie and I adopted Lynx on October 10th from your adoption at PetSmart in Glen Carbon this year. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful blessing. We are so thankful for Lynx, whom we renamed Jerry. He is so much fun. EVERYONE loves him, including my 2 yr old niece, whom Jerry enjoyed playing with and meeting. He is so very loving all the time, playful, and I enjoy our afternoon naps we get to share now. He comes trotting to you when you call him, which is so awesome.

“I attached a pic I had on my computer of him. He was taken to the vet last month and he weighed 5.9lbs and is in great health. I can’t believe how much he has grown. They told us he is going to be a big boy! We are so blessed to have come across such a well behaved cat that loves us just as much as we love him.

“Thanks again BCHS!”

— Willie & Nikki, December 2009

Photos from Lynx (now Jerry)’s Family!

Jerry with his furever parents
Jerry knows the softest places to sleep

Another note and photo from Lynx (now Jerry)’s family!

I got my Jerry Cat (Lynx) from BCHS @ adoption day in Edwardsville, IL about 10 years ago and he’s the happiest, snuggliest boy!”

— Nikki Langenfeld, November 20, 2019

Jerry is the happiest, snuggliest boy 10 years later in 2019


Mitch was one of a litter of puppies Bond County Humane Society adopted out. He is a black Labrador Retriever, Wirehaired Terrier mix, approximately 25 weeks old in early October 2009. Mitch was very sociable with people and got along with other dogs. Mitch was adopted into a forever home in October 2009 via one of our many Petco store adoption events.

We received this letter from Mitch’s new family:

Rachel, Thought I would drop in an e-mail and send over some pictures of Mitch from our trip back to my family’s house in KC this week.

“He is doing very well! He is getting a little bit bigger but the vet thinks he probably won’t get much bigger than 50lbs and not get much taller.

“When will you guys be at the PetSmart in Glen Carbon again? We will bring Mitch by the next time you guys are in the area.

“Thanks again for Mitch!”

— Chris, November 2009

Photos from Mitch’s Dad!

Mitch is happy and in just the right place
Mitch love the carpet
Mitch loves the hardwood too
Mitch is happy in his reindeer hat
Mitch hangs outside with his hat turned toy


Cal, a chocolate labrador retriever, was approximately 15 weeks old in November 2009. He was found with his litter mate at the back door of a couple’s home. They contacted Bond County Humane Society and asked for our help. Cal is a sweet and sociable little boy. And now he has a forever home!

Photos from Cal’s Family!

Cal and Buddy are instant friends
Cal is happy in his new home
Cal can't believe just how many toys he has now

Cal’s fur-ever parents wrote this email:

Hi all, I wanted to send a couple pictures of Cal and give you a little update on him.

“He is adjusting wonderfully. We are about 85% potty trained. He only has a couple accidents every now and then which is great. He is getting along wonderfully with Buddy our 4 year old chocolate lab. Buddy thinks he is a pup again.

“He is also doing fantastically with his crate training, we don’t have accidents in there during the day. He is doing AWESOME on a leash. I think he is better on a leash then Buddy is.

“We love him very much and just want to thank you all for letting us bring him into our family. We can’t wait for the Spring so that we can the boys down to the lake for some swimming! He is going for his final vet appointment on Friday for his final shots.

“Thanks again for saving Cal, cause now that we have him we’re not sure what we did before we had him!”

— Thanks again, Meaghan and Joshua, November 2009


Cara, a Shepherd Beagle mix, was approximately 11 weeks old. Her mom, Babe, was dumped in the country when she was pregnant and taken in by some animal lovers. The couple cared for the dogs until they surrendered them to Bond County Humane Society. Cara was very sociable, playful and affectionate. Cara was also bossy and liked to have things her own way.

A pup-date from Cara (now Evie)’s new family:

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I just wanted to give you a little update on Evie, the German Shephard/Beagle mix, we adopted from you in March [2009].

“She is doing great. She has grown so much since we adopted her. We adopted her at 3 months of age and just shy of 20 lbs. She is almost 11 months and is 56 lbs. She is the sweetest dog, very mild-mannered, and always wants your affection. She is still a little afraid of people but warms up to them quickly.

“In May, we put up a fence for Evie. She loves being able to freely go outside and enjoy the backyard. In September of this year, we adopted a sister for her. We saw Josie’s picture and could not pass her up. Josie and Evie look very similar. Josie is only 7 months, but she is a Rotweiller/Shepherd mix. They get along great.

“I am attaching a few pictures of Evie when we first adopted her and some now with her sister. Well Wishes!”

— Danielle and Dustin White, November 2009

Photos from Cara (now Evie)’s Family!

Evie is happy at home
Evie and sister Josie share a bed
Evie and sister Josie like the people bed too!
Evie and sister Josie play outdoors


Sophie was a Domestic Longhair Tortoiseshell, approximately 7 months old. She was a stray that was brought in by a family that found her. Sophie was dragging her front left leg. She could not walk on it or use it. The veterinarian took x-rays and suspected there was nerve damage that extended into the shoulder area. Her recommendation was to remove the leg. Sophie is very sociable, playful and affectionate. A family saw her at Petco the first Saturday in November and a week later, they applied to adopt this kitten with three legs.

Sophie’s family writes right away!

Rachel and BCHS, Here are photos from Sophie’s adoption on 11/14/09 at the Glen Carbon Petsmart, and one of her playing at her new home with our son Harrison.

“Sophie is a wonderful cat!!!!!!! We are so thrilled and delighted with her. She is fitting into our household so well. She is so happy, loving, and sweet. She purrs almost constantly!!!

“We are so pleased with our adoption experience with Bond County Humane Society. Thank you to everyone there for what you have done for Sophie, and for all the pets you help!”

— Thank you, Joyce Jamison & husband Rob Gimenez, and son Harrison, November 14, 2009

Sable loves the park and adventuring with her brother!
Sable will share her chair with her human brother!

Another note and photos from Sophie’s family!

Here’s a few more photos! Sophie and Simba, our 4 year old male Sheltie, get along great. Sophie is so sweet and easy going, and has fit into our household so well... it seems like she’s been with us for years. We just adore her!”

— Thanks! Joyce Jamison, November 17, 2009

Sable explores the creeks with her human sister!
Sable takes a car ride with her human brother!
Sable takes a car ride with her human brother!


B.J. was one of a litter of 13 puppies. The mother of the litter was a registered Golden Retriever and the father was a black Lab and Shepherd mix. Six of the litter were surrendered by the owner to Bond County Humane Society. B.J. was a very sociable, calm dog. She liked to play a little, but would rather hang out with her human companion.

Photos from B.J. (now Scooter)’s Family!

Scooter is happy at home
Scooter rolling in the grass
Scooter rolls on the carpet indoors too!
Scooter is ready to snuggle

A pup-date from B.J. (now Scooter)’s new family:

My family adopted B.J. in the summer of 2006 when she was about three months old. Our past dog had passed away a few months previous and we hadn’t necessarily planned on adopting another dog so soon.

“But, when we saw Scooter and the way she looked at us with her big brown eyes, we knew she belonged in our family. We changed her name to Scooter because B.J. didn’t seem to fit her very well and she has the biggest personality in our family.

“Scooter loves playing with her many, many toys and has a favorite stuffed duck. When anyone isn’t happy or feeling well, she will bring her duck to that person and she will drop it on their lap. She loves snuggling but is also constantly active. She loves going for walks and is so well behaved that we can take her to the park without a leash and she won’t stray more than five feet away (unless we throw her toy and she’ll run after it and bring it right back).

“She always seems to be smiling, which makes the rest of us smile. She loves going camping and riding in cars and does so whenever possible. She greets everybody in the family every time they come home as though they had been gone for months. Her tail wags like crazy and she’ll sit there letting you scratch her for hours.”

— family name withheld, October 2009


Her August 2009 profile read: “Tillie is a Golden Retriever approximately 5 months old. She was found as a stray. Tillie is very sociable with people and gets along with other dogs. She is very sweet and loves to lay around. Tillie is crate trained and is working on housetraining.”

We received this email from the family who adopted Tillie (now Molly):

Good morning! We adopted Tillie last Saturday and cannot be happier with her. Her name is Molly now and she already answers to it and comes (usually) when she’s called.

“She is the sweetest dog, so gentle and well behaved. House training is going great. No accidents at all. She sleeps in her crate all night, walks well on a leash, and eats politely over her bowl. She’s everything we wanted in a dog.

“We do have one question. When you had her did she ever bark at anything? We have not heard her bark at all: even when she sees the neighbors’ dogs or bunnies in the yard or when another dog barks at her. She seemed to start to bark a couple of times but never has actually barked. It’s no big deal since our previous dog was a barker and it was such a bother at times. We are just curious if she is able to bark.

“Thanks for posting Molly (aka Tillie) on Petfinder.com. She’s perfect.”

— Barb and David Anderson, August 2009

This was Tillie (now Molly) in BCHS care:

Tillie dog in BCHS care


Once in a while, something quite unique and wonderful happens.

On February 18, 2009 Bond County Humane Society got a call from a family who was missing a cat named Puff. The story was he had taken a ride to Donnellson, Illinois in hay bales. We entered this in our missing animal file.

On April 8, 2009 we got a call from a woman in Donnellson. A stray showed up on her doorstep about two weeks ago. It was thin and seemed to be friendly. She could not keep it as she had other cats and started calling around to find a home for the cat, with no luck. She finally called an agency in St Louis who was willing to take it, but she kept thinking it belonged to someone close by. She called Bond County Humane Society... and on conversation, the missing animal file was reviewed and we found that a cat had taken a ride to Donnellson in hay bales.

Guess what... It was a match! She was happy to have Puff returned to the owners and the owners were very happy to get their cat back.

Once in a while something nice happens. And this was one of those times.

— From the members and volunteers at BCHS

illustration of orange cat ball of yarn
illustration of orange cat running
illustration of orange cat with butterflies

Dixie (BCHS’s 2nd Dixie pup!)

In April 2009, her profile read: “Dixie is about 17 months old. Dixie and her littermates were part of an unwanted litter and surrendered by the owner. The mother was an English Bulldog, and the father was a Lab. Dixie was adopted about a year ago and recently returned to be rehomed. Her adopter has been very sick and can no longer take care of Dixie. Dixie is timid, but is sweet and playful after a short time. She is frightened around strangers and new situations, but does fine when reassured. She needs more socialization and an owner with patience to help her come out of her shell. The ideal home for Dixie will have another dog that is very sociable.”

Here’s a pup-date from Dixie’s new family:

Here’s our girls! They get along quite well now — constantly playing and loving each other Thank You for the opportunity to expand our family!”

— Erin, Taylor, Olive and Dixie (the OD sisters, ha), 2009

Dixie with sister Olive at home 2009

Another email from Dixie’s parents:

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a recent pic of us with our wonderful girls!! Olive and Dixie are doing great and loving life, they have been such a gift to us and bring us joy every single day! Thank You!!!!”

— Love, Taylor, Erin, Olive and Dixie, May 2010

Dixie and sister Olive with mom and dad 2010


Melody enjoying the good life at her new home

Melody was one of six Lab mix puppies found in the country. Apparently they were an unwanted litter and dumped by their owners. A relative of one of Bond County Humane Society’s officers found them and immediately called to see if we had room for the puppies. Melody and her litter mates were with BCHS from September 2008 until they were adopted in December 2008. During that time they received training on basic manners and other learned other commands that would be useful to their adopters.

A letter from the family who adopted Melody:

Hello, Rachel. Melody is doing well. She is fun, house training is going well and she is a quick learner. She is a gatherer — Melody has her spot in the living room and she has taken to keeping her toys and anything she ‘finds’ with her there. She has chewed very little as of today, but we know puppies like to chew. Your staff did a super job training her. She responds very well to the leave it, sit, and wait commands.

“Annie and Kate were surprised to say the least. I have attached pictures from Melody’s arrival home and also a picture of her in the living room.

“Thank you for the work you do to save these pups.

“Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you also!”

— Ellen Nickrent, 2009

Girls happily surprised when Melody's new parents bring her home
Melody winning over her new family fast

A 2019 “Rainbow Bridge” update from the family who adopted Melody:

Sadly we lost our big girl Melody to a tumor in April, almost 11 years after our daughter spotted her at a BCHS event in Edwardsville. For those 11 years she was without doubt the PERFECT dog for our family — super friendly, incredibly smart, lazy, gentle and always patient with the little kids who seemed to flock to her when she was out in public. I have no doubt that her time in foster care at BCHS helped make her the big lovable goofball she was.

“When she died we weren’t sure we would want another dog, but as time goes by my wife and I are starting to think we’ll be ready for another in the next month or two. Would it be possible to shoot me an email when you have a lab or lab mix ready for adoption? We’re not necessarily looking for a young puppy. Mel was six or seven months old when we got her and for us that was just fine — I’ll trade the cute little puppy phase for a fostered, trained older dog every time.”

— Thank you. Robert Nickrent, June 3, 2019

Melody nearly 11 years later


Penny at her new home

Penny is a Beagle that was found along I-70 between Mulberry Grove and Greenville. She was traveling with another Beagle, Eddie. A Greenville resident who was a big animal lover stopped and picked them up in her van. She then contacted Bond County Humane Society to find out if we had room to take them in. Our dog kennels were full at the time so she agreed to foster them in her home. Both Beagles tested positive for heartworm disease. After their treatment and mandatory 4 month recuperation after the treatments Penny tested negative and was made available for adoption.

Update from Penny’s new family:

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to give you an update on Penny and let you know she is adjusting to her new family wonderfully. Holly (our Boxer) has taken her in like a child and they play together in the yard all the time. She has her appetite back and it turns out she loves Snausages! We go for walks every evening and she loves trying to chase all the rabbits in our neighborhood. She still gets a little nervous around other people & dogs during our walks, but she has improved greatly since day one. Other than that, I think she has become very comfortable here.

“She went to the vet last weekend and got a clean bill of health. She has aquired what the vet says is a wart on her upper lip. She has this bright pink bubble, what looks like a piece of bubble gum or candy, right on her lip. The vet said it’s nothing to worry about and to just monitor it to make sure it doesn’t bleed or bother her. I tell her (Penny) that it’s her special beauty mark, it just makes her unique!

“Attached are some pics of Penny in her happy home. Thanks so much for bringing Penny into our family!”

— Kristina Andreatta

Penny running through the grass
Penny the adopted Beagle has a kitty friend


Lola with her adopting mom

Lola was a 1 1/2 year old Maltese/Poodle mix that had been surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by her owners. The owners had Lola since she was a puppy, but their lifestyle had changed and they no longer had time to spend with Lola. She was being left alone for long periods of time every day and that was not the life they wanted for Lola. And we found her an adopting home in early 2008!

Lola’s furever mom wrote this email:

Rachel, Lola is truly a wonderful dog. She has adjusted to [our kids] Katie and Ryan very well. Within a day she was playing ball with Ryan and loves to snuggle with both of them. She follows me everywhere and loves to cuddle in my lap. My husband Tim has also fallen in love with her.

“She was microchipped and checked over by the vet and is eating well now. I slowly transitioned her to Nutro dog food and she seems to like it.

“We thank you so much for caring for her in her transition and letting us see her on a Sunday. The family agrees she was the right dog for us and we think she is very happy too! (And probably a little spoiled!) Thanks again for your time. We will take good care of her!”

— Sue, Tim, Katie and Ryan

Lola on a pretty rug in her furever home


Kell on her favorite comforter in the basement

Keller is an 11-12 year old, blind, Shih Tzu who was found wandering around Greenville. When a couple found her she was matted, had a skin infection and looked as though she had been wandering for some time. We didn’t have room in the dog kennels for Keller, so a neighbor of the couple who found her was willing to foster Keller in her home. The woman’s name is Robin. Robin had a soft spot for Shih Tzus because she had previously had one. Keller was with Robin from September 2008 until Keller was adopted February 2009.

BCHS received this letter from the man who adopted Keller:

Kell (shortened from Keller) is very smart and a quick study. She had me trained in no time. Our first month together has been much better than Obama’s!

“Her limited vision varies with available light but she offsets that with her hearing, you just have to be loud. Sometimes I think it is selective! She knows her way through the house by the color and feel of the flooring and rugs. Outside she is doing good but it is bigger and ever changing. She recognizes the cement sidewalk, brick walk and rock driveway. She gets out at least four times a day now and knows why... A++++

“She had her first visit to her new vet (I decided to change from Hawthorne) to evaluate her allergy itching. We have several options we will be trying.

“A trip to the beauty salon today was a treat (is that not true for all women?). Kell’s coat is thin so we won’t be cutting short, just trims. She is agreeable to baths but is a little bothered by the blow dryer. She has chronic dry eye and I use artificial tears several times a day although she really fights me on this. She forgives quickly.

“I could argue her estimated age of 11. We get into some heavy wrestling and hide and seek with her comforter. She has one in the basement (picture above) and in the living room. I like to watch her making a ‘nest’ to sleep in.

“I let her regulate her eating. Besides the Nutro Max, she gets her medicine mixed with cheese in the morning and a dog treat (breath) once a day. She reminds me if I miss this routine.

“If you remember that day at PetSmart (Valentine’s Day) there was little hesitation on my part and I have not looked back since. Kell and I were in the right place at the right time.

“Thanks for taking her in and caring for her until we were united.”

— Gratefully, Gary Forshaw

2009 email letter update from Kell’s Dad:

Hello Rachel. Updating Kell’s (the Shih tzu formerly known as Keller) new life, I found lumps on several of her mammary glands a few months ago and they continued to get larger. On our last vet visit, Dr. Olsen said they needed to be removed as soon as possible. A total of 4 were removed by laser last Tuesday and a few days later the pathology report came back as malignant. The doctor says he got it all but I will be watching closely for any other lumps forming. It was a day or two for Kell to come around but now she is herself again. The stitches will come out the 28th.

“The skin irritation is ongoing but we have gained ground. A final round of Prednisone to get the steroid levels up and then switching to Atopica, a steroid that works on only the skin irritation and does no harm to the liver, etc. Everything from diet to shampoo to steroids has been tried. This is her first real relief in some time.

“Kell has also become more affectionate lately. I suppose her growing trust in me is part of the bonding process. We have only been together 5 months. She appears to have been well trained. She will stop or reverse travel by calling her name or saying no. I have to be quite vocal as her hearing is weak and her eyes are weaker. Some daily fish oil has helped her chronic dry eyes. She likes to be in the same room as I and most often close to my feet. If she is napping and I come to the computer in the basement, I most often find her at the top of the stairs later. She had only one tumble down the carpeted steps to learn where that first step takes her! Likewise, when going outside, she walks to the top step of the porch and waits for me. Kell likes her play times and her cuddling times. She loves to bury herself in her blanket and growl, bark and paw her way out. She is a dear little girl and I hope her remaining years are good. She is making my retirement better!”

— Gary Forshaw, Edwardsville, July 2009

email update photo 2009, Kell on a braided floor rug

2010 email letter update

Hello Rachel and all at Bond County Humane Society, It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day will be the 1st anniversary of Kell coming to live with me (I guess the honeymoon is not over!). These are pictures of her ‘shaggy’ look. Her coat is different and looks this way no matter what shampoo with weekly baths and brushings. Holistic food has helped some but not entirely. Her sight and hearing continue to deteriorate but she adapts and moves right along. The snow really disorients her as there is no contrast to find her pathways. But, with loud encouragement from me we always find our way back.

“She still enjoys her playtime with her comforter and barks happily as she burrows under it. That is when I sneak up on her and continue the fun. Some afternoons she will get in the recliner with me and we have a nap. Actually she is not in the recliner but on me. She is still just shy of 15 pounds and I am just shy of a lot more.

“I will always wonder what kind of life she had until I adopted her. I know what her life is now.”

— Gary, February 2010

Kell in the snow
Kell exploring the snow


Emma Adoption Profile Photo

Emma is one of a litter of six puppies who were surrendered to BCHS from another shelter to avoid being euthanized. She was adopted when she was about three months old but returned to BCHS less than two years later because the owners moved and could not take Emma with them. Emma spent time in a foster home and was fearful when placed in new environments and situations. And then the right family came along. The new adopters, Mike & Cindy Lotz, came to the 5th Annual Paws-In-The-Park event. They had previously adopted Emma’s sister, Abby, at about the same time Emma was adopted the first time. They saw Emma and decided to add her to their family of three other dogs.

A letter received from the family who adopted Emma:

Dennis and Rachel, We received your phone message last Friday. Thanks for taking the time to tell us that you enjoyed the Christmas card and photo. It means a lot to us to knowing that there are people like you that appreciate things like that.

“Emma is really settling in as a member of our family. She and Piper are getting along better now. She really looks forward to her walks every day and absolutely LOVES frisbee. After that, she is just content laying around the house. (Especially near Mommy so she can get rubbed!)

“You will never believe what Mike is building. It’s a 4 Doggie Kennel/Entertainment Center out of solid oak. The base will be 4 kennels with the TV and shelving etc up above. I will have to send you a pic when it is complete. It’s our very own design!!

“You guys have a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2009,”

— Mike, Cindy, Piper, Abby, Tanner, and Emma, December 2008

Emma far right with family at Christmas 2010


Harley Adoption Profile Photo

His July 2009 profile read: Harley is a Labrador Retriever and 7 months old. Harley and his littermate, Bruno, were from an unwanted litter and surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by their owner. Harley is a little timid at first, but warms up quickly. He is very playful and affectionate. Harley is crate trained.

BCHS received this email from the family who adopted Harley:

Hi Rachel! Well it has been a week and Harley has adjusted so well to our home! Zoey and Harley are like two peas in a pod. I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our baby, he truly is a wonderful dog. I know you were sad to see him go and I know he hasn’t forgotten about you...

“He’s got a daily routine now, and has not had a SINGLE accident in the house. We wake up before work, take Zoey and Harley to potty, they’ve gotten to where they go at the same time now! LoL, they eat breakfast then we take them for a walk at the park nearby and then it’s off to work. I have to say, when I’m gone, the only thing I can do is think about the two of them! When we come home, they go out to potty, then we load ’em up in the car to take a trip to the dog park down the street! Harley was shy the first time but he is quickly warming up to running and jumping and playing with the other dogs. Then we come home, they eat dinner while we eat dinner, then it’s out to potty and bedtime (which is my absolute favorite!) The four of us jump in bed and snuggle ’til we fall asleep.

“I am so thankful we decided to come to Petco that day to see if Zoey’s future friend may be there... We knew right away Harley was the one and we have ZERO regrets. Thank you again for all of your help and kindness. You and your staff are the most generous people I’ve ever met and what you're doing for these animals is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for bringing Harley into our lives. Here are some pictures for you!”

— Always, Megan, Brandon, Zoey & Harley

Harley getting belly rubs
Harley being an office dog
Harley tugs of war with Zoey
Harley and Zoey looking up at photographer

2012 email update from Harley’s family

Hello Bond County! This update has been a long time coming. I just wanted to let you know that Harley is still doing great! He now resides in sunny Southern California and still loves life just as much as the day I picked him up from you all! He is about 20 lbs heavier now and has grown from a puppy into quite the dog. He still keeps with his ritual in eating dinner with us and sleeping every night away warming our feet.

“The woman who put him in my hands that fall day had pet him on the head and said ‘You have a good life now Harley...’ as she teared up. I wanted to let her know that at no point in his life, even when he sat shotgun with me for 6 days straight in a moving van out here to California (which was adorable since he sat dead center of the bench seat with his head on my shoulder the whole time), has he ever not been loved or not enjoyed every moment of the day.”

— With our deepest thanks for putting this love in our life, The Lirios, February 2012

Happy Harley with Dad Happy Harley chillin with his big wet nose


Ms. Moo

Ms. Moo was seven years old when she was surrendered to BCHS. Her owner had passed away and a neighbor brought her to BCHS. A family in Edwardsville adopted Ms. Moo in February 2008.


Red is an American Staffordshire Terrier that was rescued by an animal lover and surrendered to BCHS. Red was fostered by the family that found him until the time he was placed in his forever home. He was adopted to a young man that was seeking companionship. Red now has a big yard to run in and a caring family.


Mittens came to BCHS in May of 2007 as a kitten with digestive problems. Mittens was finally adopted in April 2008 after her digestive problems had been resolved. Mittens was adopted in April to a family with a dog and a six-year-old boy.


Woburn’s Pup, Dixie

Dixie's please adopt me photo

8 June, 2004 — Bond County Humane Society took in 8 puppies and their mom the last week of March. They were approximately 5 weeks old when we received them. The pregnant mother had been dumped north of Woburn and left to fend for herself. The puppies and mom received all of the required tests, vaccinations, micro-chipping, and spay/neuter. At about 9 weeks we began the adoption process. All the puppies and mom were successfully adopted out to forever homes ranging from O’Fallon, MO, to Syracuse, NY. The Syracuse connection was a real challenge for us and the adopter.

Jill in Syracuse had fallen in love with Dixie’s photo on our website. After receiving her adoption application and completing several telephone interviews, her adoption was approved. For the next few weeks Jill struggled with various attempts to organize a relay to get little Dixie home to Syracuse but each attempt failed because of some missing legs in the relay. She solicited help from a seasoned organizer in Albany, NY to put a relay together. This relay was scheduled for the weekend of 5 & 6 June. I had originally volunteered to transport Dixie to Effingham but as of Friday the 4th the legs from Effingham to Dayton, OH were still not filled. In order not to miss this opportunity to get Dixie home, I volunteered to drive her all the way to Dayton.

Dixie’s transport to her new home in Syracuse, NY was completed without a hitch last weekend. We transferred Dixie to a northbound driver at Dayton, OH Saturday around noon and she was home with her new companion in Syracuse, NY before noon on Sunday. She traveled through Effingham, IL, Terre Haute, IN, Indianapolis, In, Richmond, In, Huber Heights, OH, Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, Ashtabula, OH, Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY (overnight stay), Rochester, NY and then on to Syracuse, NY.

The northbound driver we transferred Dixie to in Dayton, OH started out Saturday morning in Lexington KY with two Bull Mastiffs and an Australian Shep mix at about the same time we left Greenville for Dayton (6:00am). They were headed to foster homes in NY in preparation for adoption. We met on schedule, made the transfer and Dixie was on her way to NY. A total of 14 volunteer drivers participated in the relay.

Following is a picture of Rachel Hundsdorfer (on right), President of Bond County Humane Society, and Rhonda Sorrells (on left), a BCHS member and a certified dog trainer.

Dixie pup begins her long relay trip to her furever home in New York State, here with BCHS volunteers

Since Dixie’s Sendoff

Dixie has a great life now in NY with her new forever mom Jill. She goes for a one hour walk each morning, and hasn’t met a stranger yet (human or animals). She has gone through PetSmart obedience training and learned some important disciplines. Dixie has the luxury of being frequently taken to a nearby camp and lake where she is able to swim and have fun.

Below is a recent picture of Dixie

Dixie pup at six months old never meets another dog, cat, animal or person she does not like

2009 email letter update —

Hi Dennis and Rachel! It has been a LONG time since I have written and hopefully you haven’t forgotten about Dixie and me!!

“We moved recently - actually right down the street - temporarily. It is good because we are basically in the same neighborhood but there are a lot more hills where we are now. And, the Erie Canal is about a block from the house, so we have a nice long path to walk on now too!! I am in the process of looking for a house with a nice fenced in yard and then hopefully this summer getting Dixie a sister or brother! She so loves the company of other dogs and I know she needs it — and I have the itch to get another doggy!!

“I still tell the story of how I got Dixie and how wonderful you both are! I see her story is still on your website — very nice to see!! Dixie is such a great dog and companion. We still get compliments on how pretty she is everywhere we go!! Her coat is so healthy and shiny - I feed her Wellness brand pet food which is very expensive but has all natural ingredients and she loves it!!

“I submitted Dixie’s picture to Planetdog.com and got an email last week that she was picked for their online album. I was soooo happy — a proud mommy!! I am attaching a couple of pictures for you to see how she looks!!”

— Thank you for all you do and take care, Jill, April 2009

Dixie in the winter snow
Dixie in the summer grass
Dixie all grown up
Dixie and Iggy her cat friend


Blind Shar-Pei Phoebe meets new sister Wrinkles, another blind Shar-Pei!

Blind dog abandoned, left chained to tree for 2 weeks, survives heartworm treatment to be adopted in 2005 by family in Florida (with another blind Shar-Pei!) who read her story on our web page.

Read Phoebe’s full story

2009 UPDATE — End of Watch

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Hi Dennis & Rachel, Last night at about 6:15pm, Phoebe went home. It was so peaceful. She had fought and fought and was still fighting, her spirit not willing to give up before her body did. It was so hard because she was still the same Phoebe in mind and spirit but not in body. I watched her go from a robust 50+ lbs. to barely 30 lbs. It was hard to watch, but never once did she complain. She was content, although uncomfortable at times, she was happy to still be here with me. And I didn’t realize it until after I’d left the vet’s office last night that these past four years Phoebe was really taking care of me. She was mothering me in the only way she could, because somehow she knew I needed her, and as soon as I was able to let her go, she was ready.

“From the articles in the paper to the cards and letters, I know she was a survivor and hero to many in your town, and that didn’t change here. Everyone who knew her and her entire story (and many did) were amazed at her unbelievable spirit - she just would not give up. But no one will ever know her like I did... she did more for me than I could ever do for her in a million life times. She continued loving me, even through her suffering, without complaint. So it is with a heart full of gratitude that I send this message to you, although my heart is broken, I want to thank you for one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received: Phoebe!”

Angela Priest of Umatilla, Florida (2009)

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Kitten thrown away survives ordeal and smiles for the camera seeking new adoptive home

November 2005 — Their tummies were empty and they were scared to death. The three kittens struggled for each breath of air inside two plastic bags tied at the top. The abuser didn’t even look back as he drove past and threw the bag into the bottom of a deep ditch in the country north of Greenville. No one knows exactly how long they were there but after some time, the stench inside the bag became overwhelming. It was almost certain these little helpless two-week old kittens would die a miserable death just as the abuser intended.

The kittens were crying for help when a passerby heard them from the road. She slid down the steep ditch, opened the bag to give them some fresh air, and contacted Bond County Humane Society for help. We contacted one of our volunteers who immediately went to the sight, rescued the kittens, did what she could to warm them, and began a series of treatments to try to save them. Their eyes were matted shut; they suffered from malnutrition and weakness, and could barely breathe.

With medical attention provided by Greenville Vet Clinic, and the BCHS volunteer’s tender care, the kittens underwent a series of treatment to help them survive. Unfortunately only one of the kittens survived the ordeal. The other two were too weak to respond to treatment and eventually gave up. We decided to name the survivor “Miles”. Rachel, president of BCHS, thought that the name fit his persona, “I thought the name was fitting because of the miles that he was to cover.” And Miles continued his recovery.

After he had grown old enough and gained his strength, BCHS completed the mandatory neuter, microchip, and parasite treatments, and then made him available for adoption. He was adopted into a great home and is now enjoying his new life full of love and happiness. Good luck, little Miles!!!

This story was worth sharing because it is just one of many abuse and abandonment situations BCHS deals with every day. Animal abuse and abandonment violates Illinois state laws and is punishable by fines and imprisonment. Nevertheless, people continue to violate these laws at the expense of innocent animals every day. — Dennis Hundsdorfer of BCHS

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