Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

Have you adopted a pet from Bond County Humane Society? If so... We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email bchs4pets@sbcglobal.net or write a new post to our Facebook page! Let us know how everyone’s doing at home and/or how your pet has changed your life for the better! Include an updated photo of your fur kid(s) for a chance to see it included here and/or in a future issue of BCHS’s Newsletter! Thanks so much!

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Miracle, Éclair, and Star

Miracle, an orange tabby, came to Bond County Humane Society (BCHS) when someone found her scooting across the parking lot of Greenville’s Super 8 motel. She was badly injured; she had a two inch gash across her back where she was burnt all the way down to the bone trying to stay warm under the hood of a car. Plus, she had frostbite. To save her life, Miracle had to have her tail and her front right leg amputated. I fostered her for four months while she healed, and by then I was hopelessly attached to her quirky habits. She’s seven years old now and nothing stops her! She has taught her sisters some things, good AND bad!

Éclair and her 4 littermates [were surrendered to BCHS when their owner was jailed. They had been living in horrible conditions and were infested with fleas and ear mites]. Éclair had dried red paint on her foot, a rectal prolapse, and a corkscrew tail. Her tail was like a cinnamon bun flat against her back side. Her rectal prolapse was fixed surgically, and her tail amputated. Still, Éclair has lasting nerve damage in her hind end; so she waddles when she walks and has no control over her potty functions. I fostered Éclair for three years before finally making her a permanent part of the family. Éclair wears baby diapers so that her life can be as normal as possible. She just turned four and is my ‘wild child’, always running and playing with things… sometimes things only SHE can see!

Star, my black longhair and my oldest at thirteen, is also from BCHS. She’s not without her own medical issues. Star started her life out with coccidia, then tested positive for E. coli bacteria, and at last was diagnosed with feline herpes (FHV). I almost lost her twice, but she is a FIGHTER. [She has permanent issues with sneezing and nasal discharge], but I don’t mind.

“Miracle, Éclair, and Star may be special needs kitties, but all three are cuddle bugs and the joys of my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

“Thank you, BCHS, for all of your volunteer, employment, foster, and adoption opportunities!”

— KayAnna Warthen, October 29, 2020


Before he was brought to Bond County Humane Society in autumn 2019, Bob the tabby kitten had been found all by himself. He was only three days old! We got him into a foster home for bottle feeding and lots of TLC. Bob’s foster mom reported him to be a perfect sweet and playful kitten, eating well and never giving her any problems. We matched him into a forever home when he was nine weeks old during a Saturday Petco Adoption Event in November 2019.

Bob (now Charlie)’s mom checked in with this email update:

Bob is now known as Charlie. He is 1 year old, my fur-ever love, and a very handsome guy. He’s very smart, walks on a leash while harnessed, loves to ride in the car in his car seat and plays constantly. He is such a wonderful companion to me. Please tell his foster Mom thank you so much for the wonderful care she gave him. Also, thank you Rachel and staff at Bond County Humane Society Shelter for the excellent care you give your adoptees. I have included pictures from the day I brought him home to present, [including] a very short video of Charlie walking on his leash on my driveway.”

— Nancy Spencer, October 15, 2020

Charlie might share his toy if you ask gently Charlie is such a character, sitting up to see over the hedge out the window
Charlie has the leather throne


Bond County Humane Society rescued Ren, a medium haired tabby, and his three litter mates from Bond County Animal Control when they were eight weeks old. Ren was crazy playful, loved toys, his sister, snuggling with the volunteers, and watching the birds outside the cat shelter window. It wasn’t that long before he found a forever home of his own in August 2020.

Ren (now Percy)’s mom checked in:

Hello! Just a quick update on Ren (now renamed to Persimmon or Percy for short). He is doing amazing and fitting into our little family so well. 😊💕 It took a week’s worth of slow introductions and lots of treats, but his big sister Clementine is coming around to him after being an only child for so long 😄...

“Percy is adjusting AMAZINGLY. My older cat is adjusting to Percy slowly but surely, too. Percy loves his new home; he’s been sleeping in my bed, the cat beds, on the cat tree, just everywhere! I had a great adoption experience with Bond County Humane Society, even with covid restrictions!

“Thank you so much. I absolutely love him to pieces!”

— Kaitlin Johnston, August 21 & September 2, 2020

Percy is tuckered out Percy is happy to play games
Percy climbs her cat tree and doesn't even lose her carrot! Percy and sister Clementine try to be besties


Surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by his too-busy owner after the shelter who’d originally adopted him out had no space to take him back, six month old Hound mix Duke found himself living in a foster home with a long-time BCHS volunteer. The home also fostered kittens and Duke absolutely loved the cat babies, trying to climb into bed with them even though he wouldn’t truly fit. He’s never met a stranger and is a softy for squeaky toys. In just a few weeks’ time, BCHS matched Duke into a forever home.

His family writes:

Duke is doing good! He loves going for car rides and going to the drive up at the bank. The teller lady gives him treats! Today we went to the doggie car wash; he didn’t care much for that. He’s one loved, spoiled dog. The crate came down so he has the run of the house. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog... Duke now has this new thing: he will be outside playing and runs into the garage and nips Rick on the butt and takes off like crazy and comes back and does it again, then stands at the garage door like, ‘Ha ha, got ya!’ This dog is a blast.”

— Barbara Downs, August 22 & October 28, 2020

Duke is into wide open green spaces Duke knows there's good stuff on the kitchen counter
Duke settles for his purple squeak toy Duke is not a fan of the doggie wash

Another note and photo from Duke’s family!

Hello! Duke is good; he’s 94 pounds very good boy.”

— Barb, October 17, 2021

happy dog standing wearing blue harness


Sonnet and three littermates were rescued by Bond County Humane Society at five days old after a lady had found their mom killed by a car. We placed the kittens into foster care and their foster mom reported Sonnet has always been very sweet and happy, so affectionate and curious. She played with her humans and her siblings. Sonnet especially loved to jump high after the fishing pole dangle toys; plus all the belly rubs and head scratchies. At last, when she was nine months old in February 2020, we matched Sonnet to her forever mom.

Sonnet (now Marceline)’s mom shared these photo updates with us!

Sonnet, now Marceline”

— Cortney, June 23, 2020

Marceline has ALL the toys Marceline also colllects sandals?
Marceline takes a nap break


Bond County Humane Society pulled Sydney, a friendly Australian Shepherd mix, and his four littermates from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. He loved toys, but mostly loved playing with his siblings. BCHS did not have him very long in our shelter before we introduced him to his brand new forever home in April 2020.

His family sent us this great note with photos:

We adopted Sydney two weeks ago and he is everything our family wanted. Thank you Rachel for all that you and your staff do! His name is now Brew Halas. And he is smart, clever, stubborn, and loveable! Thanks again!”

— Angelia Fulgham, April 19, 2020

Sydney is happy on the family deck
Keep smiling for another take of Sydney on the family deck

Patty & Peaches

Bond County Humane Society rescued Patty, a nine months old brown and black tabby cat, with her kitten from Bond County Animal Control. Peaches, the orange tabby cat, was rescued from the same animal control at only four weeks old. Both girls were shy in our shelter, preferring to watch any activities than join in, but they warmed up slowly to people who were patient with them. Both cats spent nearly two years at BCHS’s shelter before we finally matched them into an adoptive home together in February 2020.

Patty & Peaches’ family checked in:

We couldn’t be happier with these two wonderful babies! They’re so perfect and good! Thank you so much for helping us adopt these wonderful babies! Both are quite happy girls in their new home and they’re not nearly as shy as they once were. Peaches is still easily startled, but she loves to snuggle up and lay down. Patty is a little socialite and loves to come hangout with people when we have friends over, even if she loves to lay just outside of reach.”

— Steven Ray, May 10, 2020

Patty is too comfy to say hello Peaches has a happy place beside her human
Peaches and Patty own the bed Patty and Peaches like the cat tree too

P’s & P’s family has sent more photos and more notes!

It’s the two-year anniversary of Steven and I adopting our two wonderful cats from Bond County Humane Society at the beginning of 2020! Patty and Peaches are such perfect cats. I wouldn’t trade them for anything! They are both such well-behaved, friendly, and affectionate girls and I don’t know how we got so lucky. I love them so much”

— Evren Quillin, Feb 6, 2022

We adopted Patty and Peaches at the beginning of 2020 and they’ve been nothing but wonderful!! They are very friendly and cuddly cats, Peaches was especially very anxious when we first adopted them but she’s extremely affectionate now. Life wouldn’t be the same without these perfect girls.”

— Evren Quillin, Nov 22, 2022

Patty & Peaches in 2022


Sophisticated Siamese Milo and three littermates were rescued from Bond County Animal Control by Bond County Humane Society when they were nine months old. The people who’d originally found the foursome as baby kittens could no longer care for them and surrendered them to animal control in hopes the young cats could find safe, responsible homes. In the cat shelter, Milo was a sweet boy, shy around new things and new people, but once he grew familiar with a person he loved to become a lap pet. Just like a typical Siamese, he can be very vocal in certain situations. In almost no time at all, we were able to match Milo to his forever home. By this time, January 2020, he was ten months old.

Milo (now Lincoln)’s mom checked in with this email update:

Hello, BCHS. I was actually planning to reach out [before I recieved your standard post-adoption email]. Lincoln (formerly Milo, the seal Siamese) owned the place within the first hour! 😊 It was about 8 hours before he and Lennon (my other feline, a lilac Siamese) rubbed noses and then I knew we were ok.

“I have attached a couple of pics!

“Thanks for the amazing work you guys are doing! I’ve had an amazing experience.”

— Dani Lambert, February 21, 2020

2020 Photos Update of Milo, now Lincoln, the Seal Point Siamese with his Lilac Point brother:

Lincoln has his own seat on the sofa Sleepy Siamese bros - Lincoln and Lennon
TV time for Lincoln It's the neighborhood watch, brought to you by cats Lincoln and Lennon



Before she was rescued by Bond County Humane Society in November 2017, Trixie, the Labrador Retriever Pit Bull mix, had been in a veterinarian practice in southern Illinois for seven months while being treated for heartworm disease. When Trixie arrived at BCHS, we saw she had a large “hot spot” on her side. We ended up going through so many tests and treatments and prescriptions to try to stop the uncomfortable itching. Finally her condition became managed, her hair all grew back, her skin was not dry, and she was off all medications! Trixie’s favorite game is fetch, she is obsessed with playing fetch and will fetch anything! We even had a rule about her game: you have to have two toys because she only gives up one to fetch another. She truly is a gem of a dog!

One of BCHS’s volunteers, a Greenville University student, fell in love with then two year old Trixie and adopted her during the 2018 Thanksgiving holidays.

Trixie’s mom writes:

I adopted Trixie in November and she is doing SO WELL! She loves running around the yard, going for walks and to the park, cuddling and sleeping on the couch, and playing fetch with her squeaky tennis balls!

“Trixie is the perfect fur baby and my best friend. I’m so lucky I met and adopted her! ❤ ”

— Caitlin Scott, March 20, 2019

Trixie is ready to fetch that tennis ball!

And Another Note with Another Photo!

Hello all! I wanted to send you a quick update and thank you. Trixie is doing so well! She is the happiest dog I’ve ever met.

“She loves to run in the snow in her yard. She also loves taking naps on her couches with HER blankets! :) Tennis balls and fetch are still her absolute favorite, although walks might be a tie.

“For her one year gotcha day she enjoyed a cake and a play date with her friend, Rex. She also got to open Christmas presents again this year, which she promptly shredded, her second favorite thing to do!

“Trixie and I are going to start training classes next weekend, so we can learn new tricks and how to run agility courses! She is so strong and smart, I can’t wait to see her excel!

“Thank you all so much for taking care of Trixie while she was at your shelter. Thank you for letting me take home my best friend! Trixie and I are forever grateful to you!

— Sincerely, Caitlin and Trixie, January 28, 2020

Trixie disguised in the oak leaves - Where's Trixie?


Bond County Humane Society rescued King, a terrier mix, from another shelter when he was just a puppy. Such a cool dog, King still spent over 500 days in our dog shelter waiting for just the right placement! It’s like he grew up with us. He knew all the volunteers and staff because he would hang out in the office and in the Meet N Greet room on the sofa. King’s an amazing, friendly, affectionate guy with very memorable ears. He’s well-trained (a trainer worked with him 2-3 times a week, teaching him Sit, Down, Off, Come, High Five, Heel, Stay, Shake, and more!!), he enjoys pool time in the summer, and is a master at fetch and tug-of-war.

King, now two years old, finally found his perfect fit into a furever home during a Saturday Petco Adoption Event in October 2019.

His parents write:

We adopted King and we have seriously had the best weekend with him. King is so smart, so well-behaved, and such a loving dog. Thank you for introducing us to our forever friend, we are so grateful.”

— Kylee and Adam, October 28, 2019

King with mom
King with dad

And another note with more photos!

We sure do love our boy King!! 🖤 Here he is all dressed up for our Christmas party ❤💚... And then I caught him looking at me like this and I burst out laughing, he has soooo much personality!! 😂☺”

— Kylee Patterson and Adam Stadts, January 2, 2020

King in his Christmas outfit
King is the king of personality
King is the king of personality

Snicker & Doodle

Snicker and Doodle came to Bond County Humane Society from Bond County Animal Control after they’d been found as unclaimed strays. The 10 week old kitten brothers were with their mom and two more littermates. In the shelter, Doodle (lighter orange) loved meeting people and being held by anyone. Snicker (darker orange), just as sweet and playful as Doodle, happily watched birds on the feeder outside the shelter window. Just after Christmas 2019, Snicker and Doodle, now 16 weeks old, went to their new forever home TOGETHER.

Their happy family shares:

Good morning! I wanted to let you know that Snicker and Doodle have made themselves pretty comfortable! We absolutely love them!”

— Brittany and John Winans, December 31, 2019

Doodle with his little girl Snicker and Doodle have claimed the people bed
Doodle knows this is his best and longest angle Snicker asks if it's snack time yet or still nap time

Another note with more photos!

Hi! I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Snicker and Doodle! We adopted them on December 27, 2019. They are such a blessing to us and they truly love their life with us! Thank you for allowing us to love these sweet kitties!"

— The Winans Family, December 30, 2020

Snicker and Doodle practice their table decoration skills
Cat time is nap time!


Ten week old Pumpkin, his mom and two littermates were rescued from Bond County Animal Control by Bond County Humane Society. In the cat shelter, Pumpkin was your typical rambunctious kitten, playing with toys, his siblings, and snuggling people when he got tired. He proved the more curious one of the litter, but cautious at the same time. At last, when he was five months old in December 2019, we were able to match Pumpkin to his forever family.

Pumpkin’s parents checked in with this email update:

Pumpkin is doing great!! He spent his first night in his new home sleeping between mom and dad in our bed. Maybe he’ll take another go at making friends with the dog in the morning!”

— Sherrie Mine, December 23, 2019

Pumpkin claims the window seat
Pumpkin is king of his cat tree

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb came to Bond County Humane Society at 10 weeks old from Bond County Animal Control after they’d been discovered as unclaimed strays. In the shelter, both Phineas (buff/tan fur) and Ferb (black fur) were wonderfully cuddly, playing with toys and each other, though sometimes Ferb tried getting bossy about it. The first week of December, the kitten brothers, now 4 months old, went to their new adoptive home TOGETHER, the human kids receiving their new pets as a surprise gift they’d been requesting for a while!

Their happy family sent this great note:

I promised I would email a photo of my kids, Kaitlyn and Cameron, with our two newly-adopted kittens. The kids have named the black one Apollo and the tan one Simba.

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to add to our family. We are already so in love with them!! 💕 ”

— Jennifer Voss, December 8, 2019

Phineas and Ferb, best surprise family gift ever


Pitter, his mom and two more ten week old littermates were rescued from Bond County Animal Control by Bond County Humane Society. In the cat shelter, Pitter was your typical rambunctious kitten, playing with toys, his siblings, and snuggling people when he got tired. He loved to check on the birds at the feeder outside the window, too. At last, when he was four months old in November 2019, we were able to match Pitter to his forever home (with another black cat!).

Pitter’s happy dad sent this great note & photo:

They’re doing great! Here is Mr Pitters with his sister Karena. Yes, he’s referred to as ‘Mr Pitters’ now. LOL”

— Michael Morgan, November 25, 2019

Pitter, now Mr Pitters, shares the cat tree with sister Karena


14 week old Cash was rescued, along with his brother and sister, by Bond County Humane Society from a shelter in Tennessee that was full. They look like Jack Russell Terriers but are definitely mixed with a larger breed of dog. Cash is a friendly and affectionate puppy. He’s the thinker of the litter. He’ll play for bit then hang back and observe everyone else. He also really likes food... a lot! Cash found his forever family in early June, 2019.

Cash’s family checked in with this email update:

Dear BCHS, I wanted to send a quick note to update you on Cash, the Terrier mix we adopted through one of the adoption events held at Fairview Heights Petco.

“Cash is a very fun and energetic puppy who has fit right in with our family. Our 3 year old boxer, Bailey, is loving playing with Cash. Cash is growing rapidly and learning the rules of the house pretty quickly.

“We love having him as a part of the family and we thank you for making that happen.”

— Sincerely, Susan Marchant, July 2, 2019

And another note!

We love our Cash!”

— Susan Kraft-Marchant, August 7, 2019

Here’s some 2019 photo updates of Puppy Cash with his new sibling Bailey the Boxer

Cash hangs out, ready for a walk with Bailey
Cash knows just how to accessorize with a plaid bandana


In February 2017, Caramel, an American Staffordshire Terrier estimated to be between 2-3 years old waited in Bond County Humane Society’s shelter for her second chance at a family. She’d been confiscated by Bond County Animal Control from a home after her owner died under suspicious circumstances. Her owner’s family then surrendered her to Animal Control for re-homing. Before she was taken to Animal Control, Caramel shared her household with a potbellied pig and some pet snakes. She was friendly to everyone and to other dogs. She listened well, had some basic manners, and following a good playtime session was usually content to lie next to a person and relax. BCHS was happy to rescue Caramel and begin a search for a great new forever home match.

And soon a young, active couple with two kids met Caramel and KNEW she was the family dog for them. Our adoption counselors agreed, and the rest, as they say, is history. Although as it turns out, Caramel’s fairy tale would not last as long as it should have, her impact on her adoptive family’s lives is a precious testament to rescue and love.

rainbow icon Maggie with mom and kids Maggie with dad

Caramel (now Maggie)’s family wrote to update us:

A few years ago, we [adopted] ‘Caramel’ from you all at Petco. I fell in love with her and her story the moment I saw her, and knew that my purpose was to give her the best life a dog could ever have. After going through the process, we adopted her and changed her name to Maggie. We didn’t realize a dog we thought we were rescuing would change our lives forever.

“Maggie has been [everyone’s] best friend since the moment she walked in our door. She is the most spoiled princess, and we indeed have given her the best life a dog (or person) could ever have. She picks who she will sleep with every night, (whether it’s with one of the kids or us) and makes sure she has her head on the feather pillow. She is known for liking to spread out, and ends up kicking whoever she is sleeping with off the bed — haha. When she wakes up, she goes on her favorite car ride to take the kids to school, and then goes to the car wash where everyone just loves her! Since my husband and I both work from home, Maggie is NEVER alone, and is with us wherever we go. Everywhere we take her, people are in love with her! She is everyone’s favorite, and she truly is our third child, and my baby!

“Maggie opened up a part in all of us we never thought it was possible to have. We always say we weren’t looking for Maggie, Maggie found us. Maggie showed us an unconditional, beautiful love and we believe she was truly an angel sent to our family.

“Wednesday, May 1st, Maggie woke up a bit lethargic. It was odd, because she had just been to the vet for her yearly shots and all blood work was perfect. I decided to call the vet right away, because like I said, she is our baby, and we knew something wasn’t right. When we got to the vet, everyone was so happy to see her because they all adore Maggie because she’s such a sweet girl. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her and so they ran blood/tox and that came back fine too. Her being very lethargic was stumping everyone there. They decided to take her back to the hospital area to start her on some fluids and oxygen to see if that could solve the issue. Maggie unexpectedly quickly declined and the vet came in saying there was no explanation for what was going on and they were diligently trying to figure out what the issue was.

“A few minutes later, Maggie went into cardiac arrest and died. The vet and his assistants were all in tears and he said in his 20 years of being a vet he’s only seen this kind of sudden death without cause 3 or so times. We were/are devastated. Maggie was perfectly young and healthy, and so taking her into the vet that day, we never expected we would leave without her. Words cannot express how crushed we are to lose our baby bear, but we know the moment Maggie walked into our door, we gave her the most incredible life.

“I just wanted to write to thank you. You caring for ‘Caramel’ after she had been through so much allowed me to adopt what would become the best friend I could ever have, and my baby. I decided to include some pictures of Maggie’s incredible life and travels. She was so loved and will always be what we truly believe was an angel to our family.”

— Lydia Bishop and Pierce Widham, May 20, 2019

Maggie happy at her new home
Maggie takes a winter car ride
Maggie with her human kid
Maggie celebrates with cake!
Maggie loves a party in her honor
Maggie helps mom sunbathe: time to turn over!
Maggie goes on hikes with her family


Barney, the shorthair kitten, and his brother had been rescued by Bond County Humane Society from Bond County Animal Control when they were about 12 weeks old. The kitty boys were identical twins except for the color of their eyes! Barney was known to be the most playful kitten in their community room. He’s also affectionate and starts purring as soon as someone picks him up. We were able to match Barney, now 10 months old, to a great forever home in April 2019. Barney picked out his new dad as much as his dad picked him, so we know our little man is in the right place now.

Barney is happy on a chair in his furever home

Barney’s family eagerly writes:

Hello, Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Barney is doing great and adjusting to his new home very well.

“He is quite the playful kitten and loves wearing himself out, as well as us, chasing toys around the house. He is also so very loveable and often wants to cuddle up later in the evening while we sit and watch TV. He has been the perfect little gentleman with our younger kitten Gracie, and has been very patient with her and respectful about sharing toys and attention with the humans. He is quite the companion and has fit perfectly into our home. I truly could not have asked for a better fit. We have already grown very fond of him and look forward to being together for a very long time. A big thank you to you and the rest of the gang there for all you do.

“We also had a little celebration for Barney on his birthday. He got special treats along with a new scratching pad and some new toys. He has a way of going through a lot of toys! LOL He seems to be very fond of the feathery type of toys.”

— Sincerely, Steven Goodnick & Patrick Hendershot, April 18, 2019

Barney and Gracie enjoy Barney's birthday party
Barney and Gracie at home


Bond County Humane Society rescued Onyx and her litter mates — Labrador Retriever mixes — from a high kill facility in Tennessee when they were about 11 weeks old. When they arrived to our dog shelter they were not very social and even afraid of people. BCHS volunteers worked hard with the puppies and they’re so much better. Onyx learned the command “Sit” very well and while leash trained, she was still very unsure about going new places. In February 2019, Onyx was now 4 months old and we matched her into a new family with a doggie big brother to help bring her all the way out of her shell; there’s a confident pup in their someplace, we know it!

Onyx (now Riley)’s family shares:

Hello, I’ve attached my questionnaire in regard to our adoption on February 23 for Onyx who is now called Riley.

“She is adjusting quite well; still working on potty training which is going much better after a month. We have a set schedule and crate training is helping. I have teenagers and it’s very helpful in the training and orientation process. They are actually able to assist in her care, etc. LOL

“We take her on walks, play in our basement which has lots of running room, we visit the dog park. My older dog wasn’t too thrilled [at first] but after a month, they have moments when they nap together. He is annoyed when she wants to play, but they are doing better as time goes on.

“We begin puppy training at PetSmart in April and may also enroll in Kennelwood after that. I attached a photo of her relaxing in our living room.

“Thank you so much for all you did in our adoption experience. I was impressed with the care and concern displayed in the process. It is very clear that your staff care deeply about what they do!”

— Lee Bohannon-Smith and family, March 19, 2019

Here’s a 2019 photo update of Onyx (now Riley):

Onyx, now Riley, relaxes in her new living room


Bond County Humane Society rescued Boomer, a yellow Labrador Retriever mix, from Bond County Animal Control after he’d been found as a stray. BCHS volunteers worked to get Boomer used to socializing with people. He was very skittish of new things and strange noises, but had a good time playing with toys when another dog was around to teach him what to do.

On October 21, 2017 Bond County Humane Society participated in Purina’s Better Together adoption event in Soulard Market, St Louis, Missouri. And 6 month old Boomer drew a special couple’s attention! His new adoptive family was ready to spend a lot of time with him helping to teach and reinforce proper training, increase his confidence in new situations, and of course give him tons of patient, loving affection when he’s ready for that.

Boomer with mom and dad

Here’s a pup-date on Boomer:

Hi! We just wanted to give a happy tails update on Boomer. He was so scared when we got him and it’s amazing to see how confident he is now and his goofy personality. So thankful for you guys and giving us our fur baby! Here’s a few of our family pictures we got done.

— Chaley Thode and Matt Rotan, February 12, 2019

Happy Boomer loves picture day! Boomer is a gentleman who knows how to shake


Jewel & Nubbin

happily adopted kittens Jewel and Nubbin sports a fun necktie

Nubbin’s mom was pregnant when Bond County Humane Society accepted her into our shelter system in April 2018. One day later, she delivered her kittens. The gray shorthair kitten with a stub of a tail we called Nubbin. Tiny Nubbin grew, mischievous and playfully affectionate, in one of BCHS’s foster homes. Jewel — a striking longhaired tabby with tan and black striped fur — was rescued along with her littermates from Bond County Animal Control when they were twelve weeks old. She’s especially loving and friendly and found plenty of fun with toys and the other kittens in BCHS’s cat shelter community room. This charming and active feline pair found their forever home together with a local Greenville family with two boys when they were both four months old on August 18, 2018.

Jewel and Nubbin’s parents write:

About a year ago, we filed an application to adopt [from BCHS] and were approved. Unfortunately Alison’s dad turned critically ill and passed away soon after that, so we put the idea of adopting [a pet] on the back burner... [Then this summer we saw a kitten, Jewel, was available and thought about adopting two at once, perhaps] a sibling of hers or another she got along with especially well. At your Petco adoption event, our family decided to choose Nubbin in addition to our new Jewel.

“We were thinking of changing Nubbin’s name to Jack and then we would have Jack and Jewel, but the votes were split so we’re staying with Nubbin. They’re both so affectionate and sweet. These babies have already brought us so much joy!”

— Alison and Willy Sears, August 2018

Nubbin kitty hangs out with one of his favorite little boys


Minnie puppy with her parents

Minnie’s owner surrendered her and four litter mates to Bond County Animal Control and Bond County Humane Society rescued them when their time was up there. The large breed puppies, mixed with perhaps St Bernard or Great Pyrenees, were so shy they didn’t even know what toys were for. Minnie found her furever adopted home in early 2016.

Minnie’s family has shared this delightful pup-date letter:

Hello BCHS! Just wanted to give you an update on one of your rescues! We adopted ‘Minnie’ on February 13, 2016 at 9 weeks old when you guys were at Fairview Heights Petco, and it was the best choice we have made! Let’s just say she might be a little spoiled ;).

“Her name is now Ava Sophia Santana NA NAJ. She is a pro at obedience and climbing the titles in AKC agility competitions. We have been competing at Purina Farms, WestInn Kennels, and Dog Sports at Kim’s. We’ve been playing and training at Dog Sports at Kim’s in Caseyville, Illinois for 2 years now! Thank you, guys, for all your hard work in rescuing these beautiful souls. It is wonderful to see the potential in these mixed breed dogs that are saved!”

— Brooke Santana, April 7, 2018

Ava (shelter name Minnie) shows off her many ribbons she's won so far!
Ava (shelter name Minnie) smiles in her new home!

Another Update on Minnie, now Ava

We adopted ‘Minnie’ Feb 13th, 2016. Ava Sophia Santana AX AXJ NF is working towards her MACH! She is the sweetest, smartest, spunkiest obedient border collie/aussie. Such a fun dog! She loves her agility and her family❤️❤️❤️”

— Brooke Santana, March 2019

Here’s a 2019 photo update of Minnie, now Ava

Ava (shelter name Minnie) cocks her head in the grass!


Sable taking over the comfy chair!

Sable came to Bond County Humane Society from another shelter in southern Illinois. She had SO much energy and had so much fun playing with our other dogs, fetching toys, and learning basic commands with our volunteers. Sable found her FUR-ever home including another dog and two kids in May 2018.

Sable’s adopters checked in right away:

Hello, Just a few pics to show that Sable is doing great. She loves to snuggle and play, a lot :-) She is great at taking walks in the park. Thank you so much for Sable. She is so smart and learning quickly. Thanks again!”

— Jessica Stover, May 28, 2018

Sable loves the park and adventuring with her brother!
Sable will share her chair with her human brother!

Sable’s family has sent more photos and another note!

Thanks, Bond County Humane Society. Sable is loving life and lots and lots of chew toys.”

— Jessica Stover, July 2018

Sable explores the creeks with her human sister!
Sable takes a car ride with her human brother!

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