Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

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The last week of April 2010, Ernie, a small tan “piebald” Rat Terrier mix puppy, was about 9 weeks old. Ernie and his litter mate Bert (they had similar tan piebald coloring but Bert didn’t have the white blaze on his forehead that Ernie had) were surrendered to Bond County Humane Society by their owners. They were from an unwanted litter, but no one told Ernie that, as he was playful as all get-out and extremely affectionate towards BCHS volunteers, vet clinic people, and anyone else who got to meet him.

We received this email from the family who adopted Ernie:

We adopted Ernie from BCHS 3 years ago. He is the brother of Bert. We wanted to adopt both, but were fortunate enough to get Ernie! Ernie loves laying in the sunshine both outside or by the window. He loves to take rides in the car and go for walks with Jessica. Ernie is a very happy and lucky dog! He has a sister named Daisy and a brother named Norman.”

— Thank you from Tj And Jami, December 2013

Another Quick Check-in and a new Photo from Ernie’s Family:

Ernie at home in 2020

This is Ernie. We adopted him 10 years ago.”

— Jami & TJ Mattison, January 3, 2020


Winston and 2 his orange brothers Wilson and Watson came to Bond County Humane Society in January 2013. All 3 kittens found furever adoptive homes in March.

We received this email from the woman who adopted Winston:

Hi, Just a little update. We adopted Pippin (shelter name Winston) March 2013. As you can see by the pictures he is very spoiled and loved. He is such a lover — playful and a little lazy. Hard to believe he is almost a year old. I am so glad I have him; he is my baby. I felt so bad taking him away from his brothers, but I hope they have been adopted by a loving family. Well here are some pictures of Mr. Pippin when I first got him and pictures now.”

— Stacey, December 2013

Photos from Winston (now Pippin)’s Family!

Pippin just can't today...
Pippin's chair shenanigans
Pippin's floor
Pippin loves his momma
Pippin of course claims his sister's chair

Ralph & Shiloh

Ralph and Shiloh in BCHS care

Ralph was one of 4 2-week old orange and white kittens who were found in a wood pile and brought to the Bond County Humane Society shelter the last week of August 2013. One of our volunteers took all 4 home as fosters. She bottle fed them and they became acquainted with the dogs in her house, especially the Bichon Frise who thought he was the kittens’ mother!

Shiloh, the blonde Hound mix, was originaly adopted in June 2013 from Bond County Humane Society, but then she was returned in October by her adopters after their work schedules changed and they didn’t have enough time to give her. Shiloh was originally brought to BCHS because she was abandoned and found by the side of a road by a BCHS volunteer. She was tiny and dehydrated then but grew up strong. She liked to play fetch and knew “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay” and “Come”.

Ralph and Shiloh were with BCHS at a PetSmart Adopt-A-Thon event in November 2013 and many people met them and interacted with them, but no one submitted an adoption application for those two that day. But three other cats were adopted. However, early the next week BCHS received adoption applications from one family wishing to add both Ralph AND Shiloh to their household. They’d met the animals at PetSmart but needed time to be sure. We were delighted and they even qualified for the Purina® Pet Adoption Program For Those 55+, meaning the adoptors would not have to pay any adoption fees!

The family who adopted Ralph and Shiloh sent this email:

Shiloh and Ralph have settled in. They are wonderful and best of friends. Thanks for everything. Everyone is getting along very well.”

— David and Rhoda Crawford, November 2013

Shiloh is now “Bessie” and has won Bond County Humane Society’s Paws In The Park’s Parade Best Costume competition... TWICE!

Bessie is a Costume Parade star in 2015 and 2016!

Photos from Shiloh (now Bessie) & Ralph’s Family!

Ralph and Bessie are besties!
Ralph and Bessie are where they belong.


Cuddles the black kitten was rescued in May 2013 with his two brothers and two sisters by a volunteer who fostered the five small kittens until Bond County Humane Society’s cat shelter had room for them. Cuddles, the first to be adopted, found his new home with a local Greenville, Illinois family.

The family who adopted Cuddles sent this email:

Hello Bond County Humane Society!!! I just wanted to write you and tell you how much we love Kit Kat (formerly known as Cuddles). He loves his laser and mouse and snuggling on the couch. He has just stolen our hearts and we are so thankful that he is a part of our family. I have wanted to bring him over to visit, but we have been really busy with [Greenville College] volleyball season in full swing. However, I’m attaching a couple of pictures. He’s getting so big so fast, but looks so handsome with his little red collar!

“Anyway, we appreciate all that you guys do, thanks so much!”

— Krystine & Carl DaCorte, September 2013

Photos from Cuddles (now Kit-Kat)’s Family!

Kit Kat is comfy in bed everywhere
Kit Kat is still a cuddler!
Kit Kat watches too much television!
Kit Kat is a happy big boy

Another note and photo from Cuddles (now Kit Kat)’s family!

Kit Kat formally known as Cuddles is still the sweetest!!! We love her!”

— Krystine DaCorte, March 20, 2019

Kit Kat continues to bring joy to her family!


Tramp is happy at home!

Tramp was a 1 year old stray Beagle dog that was known by all the customers who visited a discount retail store in Greenville, Illinois. He would come close enough to store employees and nearby construction workers to get food, but would never allow them to pet him. Bond County Humane Society tried for a week to trap Tramp, but he was too street smart to be trapped. After weeks of everyone trying to catch him, he wandered into a building with construction workers and they held him hostage in the building until BCHS could pick him up. Tramp was treated and successfully recovered from parvovirus.

In October 2005, BCHS brought Tramp to PetSmart in Glen Carbon, Illinois for an Adoption Event. In a fortunate happenstance, a couple of cat owners stopped into the pet supply store because they’d noticed several animal rescues were holding adoptions that day and they hoped to find a suitable German Shepherd. Instead, the woman immediately fell in love with Tramp the Beagle. And more importantly, Tramp fell in love with her after a day of avoiding other shoppers and potential adopters. They adopted him that week.

More Photos from Tramp’s Family!

Tramp nestles in for a nap
Happy Tramp hangs with brother Zeus

Tramp’s adoptive Mom wrote this wonderful pup-date!:

So, here is the story of Tramp. I tried to do this in a nutshell with our life with Tramp as it was very hard to do.

“Dan & I took some things to the Goodwill store in Glen Carbon and he wanted to go to PetSmart (he couldn’t remember why) and I had no clue as I had two cats (one was on prescription food) so both ate the same.

“It was adoption day (there were 2 or 3 different Humane Societies) that day and Dan really wanted a dog, German Shepherd was his preference. We visited one, took a dog for a walk and he was a GS mix, sweet dog and I think he was 6, he’d been adopted, returned, etc and I was so worried about his age that they would end up euthanizing him. Let them know we’d have to think about it as they really couldn’t give us a history on why constant surrender of the dog. We walked down another aisle and there was Bond County Humane Society with Lab puppies, Daisy the female German Shepherd (that Dan talked forever about with Rachel, [BCHS President and Adoption Counselor]) and then there was Tramp. He was in his crate with adults and kids poking their hands in the crate to touch him and shook horribly with the look on his face of ‘Get me out of here, I don’t belong here.’ Yes, he saw me and he never took his eyes off me.

“Once everyone left his crate, (Dan was still talking to Rachel) I went over to Tramp’s crate, sat on the floor, talked to him and next thing I knew, he got off his bed to check me out. I put my hand up to the crate and then he licked my hand. All was over at that time, I just had to have him. I filled out my on-line application for him and was through the roof when Rachel sent me the e-mail letting us know we were APPROVED!!

“Tramp was a feisty little boy!! We didn’t have gates on our fence yet, but, when he would be out in the yard with us, he would get a look on his face (like a little kid getting ready to do something they weren’t supposed to do) and I knew he was leaving the yard. I would go on foot or get in my car to look for him. Come back home, he’d be on the back patio sitting there waiting with the look of ‘Where’ve you been?’ He also didn’t like Dan at first either, would growl at him when he came home from work!! Rachel did put me in contact with someone to help this situation.

“Tramp always played chase with my cat Cocoa (she passed 7 years ago) and they were so funny to watch as she would jump on the back of the loveseat, Tramp would come into the living room and not know where she was and then, as he walked past, she’d pop him in the head with her paw and chase time would start all over!! Sam the cat never really got into that as he’s very laid back.

“We got Dutch (GS mix) 8 months later and Tramp decided Dan wasn’t such a bad guy after all!! That’s when we moved from St. Jacob to Carlyle.

“Tramp’s travels have included camping at Bull Shoals White River State Park for Trout Fishing, travels to Arlington, TX to visit family, Niagara Falls, NY all the way to Maine. He travels well and doesn’t like to leave my side. In the years that we’ve had him, we’ve added 3 more dogs (Dutch, GS mix, Zeus, GS & Sasha, GS) and we still have Sam the cat who’s 16.

“I kept his name ‘Tramp’ as growing up, I had a Beagle and her name was Lady. So, I’ve had Lady And The Tramp in my lifetime and it’s not been an animated movie. Tramp is my cuddle bug.

“If someone else would have adopted Tramp, I don’t know what his life could have been like. All I know is since we’ve had him, he’s been happy, loved, well traveled, well taken care of and I wouldn’t trade him in a million years or dollars. I could go on and on about him!!

“If it wasn’t for Tramp, we would never be involved with Paws In The Park, the Wag’ N’ Walk or with the dog shelter. We commend Dennis and Rachel for all they’ve done in creating Bond County Humane Society and we are here to help them where we can as they deserve all the help required to keep this No Kill facility running.”

— Mignon Fetterhoff, August 8, 2013


Hazel in BCHS care

Hazel was an 8 year old red Dachshund in October 2010. She was brought to BCHS by a man who found her in his dog’s dog house. Hazel was in bad shape when she came to BCHS. She was missing most of her hair on her back and tail, she had a tumor hanging on her chest and she had really bad breath. Since she entered BCHS foster care some of her hair has returned, but the vet said it will take a long time for it all to return. The vet cleaned Hazel’s teeth and found out she had to have 15 teeth removed because they were loose and debris was trapped in her gums. The tumor was removed from her chest and they found out it was just a benign tumor. In her foster home Hazel lived with another Miniature Dachshund and three cats.

Everybody passed her by at adoption events and they often said “She’s old,” but they didn’t know her. Hazel may have been a senior, but she was still playful, energetic and affectionate. Her foster mom had a 2 year old granddaughter that visited and Hazel liked to follow her around. Hazel could also be vocal when she want something like food or to go outside to potty. Hazel’s foster mom was just about to give in and adopt her herself, but then another woman met Hazel and fell in love. Hazel was finally adopted into her furever home.

BCHS received this email letter from Hazel’s adoptive Mom

Hello Bond County Humane Society, I adopted Hazel about three years ago. She was in your care about 10 months before I found her. She is this little, older, red, short haired dachshund, missing hair on the back half of her body and on her tail. But she is the most wonderful dog ever! It had to be fate that brought us together. She follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. She misses me when I am gone, and gets sick when I am gone overnight, which is rarely, thank goodness.

“About a year ago I almost lost her. She developed a large tumor in her liver, pressing against her intestines. My vet said to just watch and see, but I knew the outlook was poor, as she was having bowel issues. I was devestated. So we went to a surgeon in St Louis who operated and removed a large liver tumor, which was cancerous. I was surprised to learn these can be very common. She healed beautifully and I thought we were out of the woods and I’ll be darned if she didn’t eat some plastic something on our walk and had to be operated on again, just three months later. It was really touch and go as to whether the inner sutures on the bowel would hold and her bowel function again. But she got better and is back to her old self. And we now have a fenced in back yard so we don’t have to walk on the roads and tempt fate.

“She is a little slower now, but so am I. We are also watching her kidneys, as they aren’t working as well. This dog is the love of my life and I am forever a better person for having her in it. I just want to say thank you so much for taking care of an older dog, for seeing the potential that she could bring to a person who was lucky enough to adopt her. Thank you to her foster mom who kept her for me and her foster brother, Hershey, too. I will forever appreciate your care of her.

“I will either sent a pic by email next week when my daughter is home to upload it for me or will send one by post, as I am not able to attach one tonight.”

— Sincerely, Maura, April 2013


Ava in BCHS care

Silver grey Shih Tzu Ava was already 4 years old in January 2013. She and two other male Shih Tzu’s were seizures by Animal Control and surrendered to Bond County Humane Society for adoption. Ava lived in a BCHS foster home with 2 adults, 3 older children and two other male dogs until she found her furever home. Ava was very sweet, easy-going and calm. She didn’t usually join in with the boyish antics of the other dogs. She liked to sit back and watch them or find a place to take a snooze. She especially liked the kids and she would snuggle up to everyone. Ava’s favorite time in her foster home was family movie night where she moved from lap to lap sharing all her love with everyone who would let her. Ava liked to take walks and was good on leash. She liked to take car rides and got excited at the prospect. But, as sweet and well-behaved as Ava dog was, BCHS worried about the special needs she would have as she got older.

The vet suspected Ava had congenital disease which had caused her to have cataracts. Her left eye was the worst at the moment, but her right eye was also starting to develop a cataract. Ava could definitely still see at the moment, but she would probably be blind in 1 year, so it became very important to BCHS that she learn how to get around in her new home as soon as she could. And her Prince Charming adopted her from Petco in February 2013.

Ava’s adoptive Dad updated BCHS bt email:

Rachel and all at BCHS, Ava came home today after her surgery yesterday. I was updated after surgery, that evening and this morning that all was good for her to come home. Each update was positive. There were no complications and Ava was a model patient (I believe they wanted to keep her). She watched all the activity around her and was a center of attention. She is a real sweetheart and all she meets is a friend.

“The first thing we did upon arriving home was to remove the collar and take our usual walk. Regretfully, the collar was back on until we could relax in the recliner without it. There are several stitches that could be pulled out if she scratched at her eye. I can clean her eyes and massage them, which she loves. I think she is worn out from her adventure and needs rest.

“Although the worst is over, weeks of medication follow....three different drops and two medicines. Follow-up exam is next week and subsequent visits further apart.”

— Gary, March 2013

Ava in her protective cone



Tater in BCHS care

Tater and his litter mates, Butterscotch, Kiwi and Ritz, were abandoned when they were about 3 weeks old and rescued by Bond County Humane Society volunteers. BCHS bottle fed the kittens until they could eat on their own and then they were ready to visit the vet for neuter surgery, microchips and all their early kitten vaccinations. Tater was 7 months old when he met the family he was destined to go live with furever.

The family who adopted Tater sent this email:

Hello BCHS, We adopted Tater last Sunday and he has already made himself right at home. For the first day he hid under my bed and he would come to the edge of the bed and let us pet him and eat his food. He is doing great and as promised I have enclosed some pictures of the newest member of our family. My daughter was so excited when she got home that she was in search for words. All she could say was: ‘Thank you, Mommy, thank you!!!’

“I want to tell you all thank you because this has been something that I have been debating for a long time, and had I not walked in there that day I probably would have kept putting it off. You all have really placed us with a wonderful first pet and we could not be happier.”

— Thanks Again, Jennifer, Brooklynn, A.J., and Tater!!!!!, December 2012

Photos from Tater’s Family!

Happy Tater waits for Santa's visit
Silly Tater under the bed


Floyd in BCHS care

In 2012, Floyd, a large black Domestic Short Hair cat, was about 3 years old. Floyd, his mom and 3 litter mates had been strays rescued by a couple and surrendered to Bond County Humane Society.

Floyd’ Fur-ever Mom writes:

‘What is that sound?’ were the words I first said when I heard a sound similar to a baby crying when I began as a BCHS volunteer at the Cat Shelter in mid 2011. ‘Oh, that’s Floyd," was the response. Floyd turned out to be a short haired black cat. (I was afraid of cats until I was introduced to my fiancé’s male cat, Cookie. Thus began a new knowledge of cats with their attitude, and carefree spirit. Years later, Cookie became sick and I held his weak body once before he passed away. I had found a new caring feeling about cats).

“Therefore every week I would visit Floyd at the shelter and hold him. Floyd would hiss at me after I put him back in his cage to which I would respond with, ‘WHAT?’ Over time my love for him grew although he had hair loss from nervously chewing on himself and gingivitis which made him an unlikely cat for adoption. His history showed he had been adopted as a kitten by a military person but brought back because of military orders.

“I took Floyd home one weekend to become a Foster Parent but my fiancé knew before I did that Floyd would never leave. I adopted Floyd a couple weeks later and know he is finally home.

“Thank you, BCHS.”

— Love, Julie and Brad and the pugs, November 2012

Photos from Floyd’s Mom!

Happy Floyd at home
Floyd with his doggie brothers


Star in BCHS care

In early 2012, Star was a 5 year old Domestic Long Hair black cat with a white medalion of fur on her chest. Her adoptable pet profile read:

‘She has been with BCHS since she was about 4 weeks old. Star, her litter mates, and Mom were strays rescued by BCHS. They were all very ill when they first arrived at BCHS in May 2007. Star and one of her littermates recovered, but the other one did not. Star then developed a chronic case of sneezing. She has been treated with every antibiotic the vet could think of and she still sneezes. It is suspected that Star has feline herpes. She receives an over the counter medication, Viralys 2x/day to treat the symptoms and she is kept away from any other cats because there is a possibility her condition is contagious. Star will probably need to be on Viralys to control her symptoms for the rest of her life. Star is pictured with a girl, Kristin, who would visit Star every week and hold her. Kristin had spinabifuda and was confined to a wheel chair with a breathing apparatus, but none of this mattered to Star. She just loved being held. There was certainly a special bond between the two of them, but that all ended when Kristin died in November 2007. Star is a very special cat and gives unconditional love. She would make a wonderful feline companion for someone.’

And now Star is where she belongs again, in a forever home with a fur-ever fur-iend.

Following is Star’s happy tail story adapted from a letter written by the woman who adopted her in January 2012:

Star came to Bond County Humane Society with her mom Raven, her sister Puff and her brother Smokey. Star and her siblings were very sick with Coccidia. They were skin and bones with a lot of hair. Smokey didn’t make it. Star then got sick with E. coli. We almost lost her twice, but were able to nurse her back to health. Star’s immune system was weakened so she developed Feline Herpes. Feline Herpes is an upper respiratory infection that she will have all her life.

“Star was adopted in 2010 and returned in 2011 because the man who adopted her couldn’t take a cat where he was moving.

“I had fallen in love with her the day I saw her 5 years ago. Star is a mischievous, fun and lovable cat. Her sister Puff, who was adopted and returned, and Raven their mother are both available today for adoption at BCHS. They all look alike: beautiful, long haired black cats.”

— KayAnna, BCHS Vice President of Feline Wellness, November 2012

KayAnna entered Star in BCHS’s 2013 Calendar Cover Photo contest and Star did very well in the competition. You can find her gazing out at you all February.

Happy Star at home


Trey and siblings in BCHS care

In early June 2012, Trey was a 12 week old kitten, white with grey markings on his fur. He and his 2 long-haired sisters were found behind a produce stand when they were about 4 weeks old. Their mother was dead and they were suffering from ringworm and ear mites when a nice man brought them to Bond County Humane Society. The volunteers at BCHS took very good care of them and they were made available for adoption. Trey had a ton of energy and was anxious to play all the time. The three kittens gave the volunteers a lot of trouble because when the crate door was opened the kittens would take off in 3 different directions. All 3 kittens in the litter were soon adopted.

The family who adopted Trey sent this email:

Hi Rachel & BCHS, Just wanted to give you an update on Trey. He is doing just fine! He seems to be adjusting to his new environment very quickly. We have stairs and he mastered these in no time. He’s very fast and really keeps me on my toes.

“John and I just love him! He is the very sweetest kitty. He has tried very hard to get to know our cat, Joey, but Joey is being very hard to get to know, however things are slowly progressing in a positve direction.

“I’ve attached a few pics of Trey. He seems to have grown a lot in just a few days! By the way, we re-named him Jesse. Trey just wasn’t working real good for us. He already knows and is responding to his new name.

“Hope all is well there. Thank you again for your loving care.”

— Pat Marsh, June 28, 2012

Photos from Trey (now Jesse)’s Family!

Happy Jesse ready to scamper!
Silly Jesse under the table
Jesse at mealtime with big bro Joey


Simba came to Bond County Humane Society with his two siblings Timone and Pumba (all named after characters in the story “The Lion King”). The three young Domestic Short Hair kittens were fostered in a BCHS volunteer’s home with other cats and a dog. Simba enjoyed all the attention of the other animals, and his human foster family. He was high energy and athletic, delighting everyone who met him. When he was about six months old, Simba was adopted into a furever home and had to leave the foster home and his siblings behind. But he’s still having a great time.

Here’s an update from Simba’s new Dad:

Hi BCHS, Sorry this email took so long to be written. Simba is doing great.

“He and my other cat, Kitkat, are getting along great. They sleep together at night, groom each other and play together. I haven't been able to get a good picture of the two of them together, but they are for sure buddies.

“Simba either sleeps under the blankets with me or with Kitkat in my bedroom chair... very soft chair. They are both indoor cats and still have their claws intact and will remain so for their lifetime.”

— Joe, April 2012

Photos from Simba’s Dad!

Happy Simba napping on the bed
Silly Simba in the sink


Leslie and pups in BCHS care

Leslie was one of 9 puppies who were surrendered to BCHS as an unwanted litter. Leslie’s mom was a Beagle mix and people suspected the puppies’ father was a Beagle. In February 2012, when Leslie was 5 months old, she was adopted to her furever home.

Here’s an update from Leslie’s family:

Leslie is doing great! Fully adjusted to her new home. She gets more and more excited as days go on. She’s definitely a cuddler!

“I’ve attached some pictures. In one she has her monkey — that’s her favorite toy. That is how she will fall asleep almost every night. I love it.

“Thanks BCHS for Leslie!”

— Jessy, March 2012

Photos from Leslie’s fur-ever home!

Happy Leslie waiting calmly for her next adventure
Leslie sleeps with her favorite toy