Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

Have you adopted a pet from Bond County Humane Society? If so... We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email bchs4pets@sbcglobal.net or write a new post to our Facebook page! Let us know how everyone’s doing at home and/or how your pet has changed your life for the better! Include an updated photo of your fur kid(s) for a chance to see it included here and/or in a future issue of BCHS’s Newsletter! Thanks so much!

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Summer 2022, a pregnant stray cat named Princess was surrendered to Bond County Humane Society. In our shelter, she gave birth to five female kittens who were subsequently named after Disney princesses. Mulan was a little more reserved than her sisters, but she got along fine with the other cats, the BCHS volunteers, and even dogs! After a few months in the shelter, we placed her into a foster home where she enjoyed the extra attention and an older cat to romp and sleep with. Then after three weeks, that family knew the cats were “in love” and shouldn’t be separated. So, in November 2022, we celebrated a fairy tale ending for this Disney princess!

Mulan (now Moon)’s mom shares:

We chose to adopt Mulan after just 3 weeks of fostering her. Our black cat Shay had been looking for a new companion after our other cat passed away in February 2022. He instantly fell in love with her and we just knew we couldn’t separate them. They cuddle and play together every day. We have since changed her name to Moon, but usually we just call her Moo Moo. She has been a great addition to our family.”

— Sierra Seper, November 26, 2022

collage of three photos, young woman and man with brown striped cat, striped cat under christmas tree, and brown cat snuggles with a black cat in front of a folded pile of laundry


Benny, a long haired tabby kitten, was rescued from Bond County Animal Control with a brother. He was quite active, loving to explore new places and play with all the other cats. Any toy that made noise became his. Benny also loved pet-pets from people, purring loudly. We matched him into a family in October 2022 when he was 13 weeks old.

Benny’s family writes:

I wanted to share a picture of Benny, he’s been with us almost 2 weeks and doesn’t have a care in the world. He has some crazy sleeping positions! We just love him... We just love him so much! He has a fur brother and sister here. They all get along so well... He’s such a sweet boy! He’s a fantastic addition to our family. So fuzzy and adorable ”

— Janet Kelley, November 8, 2022, January 26, 2023 & February 8, 2023

gray and white fluffy kitten sleeps on fuzzy blankets and overstuffed chair
gray and white cat sits in a package of groceries on a kitchen table
three cats sleep together on an overstuffed chair
gray and white fluffy cat lays on his back on gray carpeted floor


Summer 2022, a pregnant stray cat named Princess was surrendered to Bond County Humane Society. In our shelter, she gave birth to five female kittens who were subsequently named after Disney princesses. Belle was a happy little girl in her little furry tuxedo. As soon as someone picked her up, she’d begin to purr. Her best friend became her sister Pocahontas; they’d play and snuggle and nap together. In September when she was four months old, Belle went home with her new forever family!

Belle’s mom sent us this note:

Gizzy Belle is doing good! She’s adjusting to the dogs in our home; their interactions are good a lot of the time. [While we still hope she’ll take to our sons soon,] Gizzy Belle has bonded to me the most, enough that she will sometimes sleep in my bed.”

— Lauren Jones, October 3, 2022

black and white cat sits inside a cardboard cutout indoor house box
black and white cat wears bumble bee halloween costume
black and white kitten rests on her back on an overstuffed sofa


BCHS rescued Charlie, a Beagle mix, and his four littermates from a Tennessee animal control facility. He’s friendly, energetic, loves food and playtime with his siblings and toys. Shelter volunteers enjoyed working on his manners and practicing commands like “Sit.” When he was 12 weeks old, we placed him with an adopting family.

Charlie’s mom sent us these notes:

Our Charlie boy, adopted April 2022, is doing so good and he is getting so big; he is currently 35lbs. We love him so much!... He LOVES the snow. He is now 10 months and weighs 50lbs.”

— Errin Williamson, August 21, 2022 & November 22, 2022

yellow and white Beagle dog wears camo harness and American flag bandana in a yard with an arbor and gladious flowers
yellow and white Beagle dog wearing a black collar and running through the snow inside a chain link fence


Bond County Humane Society pulled Lila, a Shepherd mix puppy, from a high-risk animal control facility in Clinton county. Her mild mannered and cautious nature didn’t stop her from looking forward to experiencing new things. We matched her into a home during a Saturday Petco Adoption event in June 2022, and knew this six month old would get plenty of playtime, training, and lazy days of belly rubs too.

Lila (now Charlie)’s sent us this fantastic update… from Charlie’s point of view:

Hi! I live with Dad, Mom, my sister Reagan, my brother Matthew, & two pit bulls named Dante and Libby. Don’t tell Dad, but even though I was his Father’s Day present, Reagan is my favorite. Our house is so much fun! The kids leave their shoes, cups, and toys out for me to chew on. Did you know that when you bite into a Lego building it crunches really loudly and then falls into a million pieces? That’s the best!

“Sometimes I play with Dante and Libby, too. We wrestle around and chase each other through the house. I can run really fast, which makes it super exciting when we get the zoomies together. I had the best day of my life when it snowed, but the pits wouldn’t come outside and enjoy it with me. Dad said it was because they’re too cold, but I just don’t understand. Mom says I’m really good at singing because I have Fox Hound in me. I really like to sit at the top of the hill in our backyard and sing for the neighborhood, especially first thing in the morning. I even sometimes run in circles and sing with joy because life is just so much fun!

“When I play really hard I sometimes just stop where I’m at and flop onto the ground in a sploot. It lets me recharge my mischief modules so I can get back to doing all the things I love.

“I’m a really smart girl, too. I learned how to open doors, closets, and even the pantry. It makes things much easier on Mom and Dad since I can help myself to snacks and toys whenever I want. For example, if I really want to shred something, I can open the hall closet and get out rolls of toilet paper without interrupting anyone’s day. I’m considerate like that! Anyway, thanks for helping me find my people! They love me, even when my mischief is over the top and I’m so happy that we get to be together. Bark later, BCHS; all my love, Charlie!”

— Charlie, Nikkilina & Bob Crouse, November 19, 2022

brown shepherd mix dog in costume beside boy in costume ready for Halloween fun
two brown dogs indoors rolling around on carpet
brown and black dog on indoor carpet wearing pink collar and glow headband with ears
brown and black dog outside by privacy fence digging in mud so has muddy paws


Friendly Ava, a Beagle mix, had been surrendered by her owner when we rescued her from a facility in Tennessee via a transport network. She absolutely LOVED attention and would get vocal when she wanted more. After enough cuddle time, Ava would be happy to play by herself and with her toy collection. We were able to place her into an excellent and caring new home in June 2022 when she was 14 weeks old.

Ava’s family says:

Hello Rachel and Bond County Humane Society Team! Ava has been such a bundle of joy and energy! LOL 😄 We love her! XOXO

“She and Liberty have had a ton of fun playing the last several weeks. Ava is now 29 lbs and still growing. Dr. Greene, our vet, loved meeting Ava, and she is getting great care from Creekwood.

“Thank you again for our newest family member and maybe we will be back in the future. Enjoy the pictures and Jeff has found you on FB! Love,”

— The Trauth Family (Jeff, Anna, Liberty, and Ava), July 2022

brown dog wearing purple collar sits on concrete pad next to a white and brown dog
brown dog lays in sunshine beside a brick retaining wall and a white and brown dog brown dog sits inside on carpet surrounded by rope toys
brown dog sleeps upside down in puppy bed surrounded by all styles of dog toys
brown dog wearing red collar lounges inside teepee style dog cave.


Stray and sickly, four week old brown tabby and white kitten Mike was rescued by a friend of a Bond County Humane Society volunteer. We placed him into a foster home where he was treated for severe conjunctivitis and pneumonia. He was such a sweet boy, playful, and always up for being held and petted. He even acted like a support for his foster mom who also was dealing with some medical conditions. Mike’s major medical issues resolved, though he continued to take a daily allergy pill to help with his weepy eyes. We were so happy to match him into a fantastic home in September 2021; by then he was 15 months old. Mike’s new mom is Chief of Staff at Edwardsville Pet Hospital and a longtime friend of BCHS.

Mike’s family writes:

I just wanted to show you guys some of the pictures of Mike and how much fun we have with him in our family!”

— Brittni Davis, June 4, 2022

brown and white cat in foreground with black cat in background, both lounging on a bed with crocheted afghan
brown and white cat licking the drain of a kitchen sink
two cats playing on a scratching post bolted to a wall
brown and white cat laying upside down in the sun on the floor in front of a sliding glass door leading to a wood patio deck.


Bond County Humane Society pulled eight week old Sherbert from Clinton County Animal Control. He was covered in fleas! Yucky Sucky! We treated him for his parasites and cleared up some respiratory issues as well. A veterinarian at Greenville Vet Clinic, and a longtime friend of BCHS, decided Sherbert was the next kitten for her, and we agreed. She adopted him in early May 2022 when he was four months old.

Sherbert (now Kevin)’s mom updated us right away:

Sherbert’s doing great! (He’s Kevin now.) He’s allowed to roam around my house 24/7 now and gets along great with my other cats. He’s playing really well with Steve which is what I was hoping for. Kevin seems to be tolerated by my other cat Phil, which I expected. Bond County Humane Society cares about every pet that comes through their doors and takes good care of them. Thank you for all that you guys do! I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I’ll add some pictures of Kevin in his new home.”

— Dr Jade Rathmann, May 29, 2022

orange tabby cat loafing inside cute decorated cardboard cat house box
two orange cats napping on the same white blanket
orange tabby kitten sitting inside next to a door with window that overlooks an outside deck patio.


We rescued small tortoiseshell kitten Twizzle, along with her five siblings, from Franklin County Animal Control. She was the trusting sort, rolling over on her back, ready for a belly rub. Twizzle was quick to purr, loved playing with her litter mates; they would take turns pouncing on each other! We matched Twizzle into a forever home in March 2022.

Twizzle’s family checked in:

Hi, Attaching pics of Twizzle! We love her!”

— Renee Best, April 16, 2022


Sadie, Cloud, Dexter, & Lilly

In February 2022 BCHS rescued five Pointer mix puppies from an animal control facility in Tennessee. All super friendly, they loved to play with their toys and their siblings. Volunteers had a blast caring for this litter and teaching the quick learners all kinds of new things in the dog shelter, especially basic commands like “Sit” and how to walk nice on leash. In March 2022, we were able to match all the pups into forever homes and four of the five families eagerly sent us updates through email and on social media. Several reached out to connect with each other as well. Will there be an annual reunion at the dog park?

Sadie’s family updated us right away:

Thank you for our new addition.”

— Austin Gude, March 26, 2022

brown and white dog with three human brothers

Dexter’s family says:

We adopted [Sadie’s] brother, Dexter!! He was 37 lbs [already in June] and a goofy, silly boy. And this is Dexter today! He’s silly and goofy and runs the show!

— Amy Ritz, June 30 & August 6, 2022

brown and white dog stands in kitchen
brown and white dog watches out window from sofa
brown and white dog rolls upside down on bed

Cloud (now Moogie)’s family checked in:

Here is Moogie (Cloud) now. She is 27lbs and the sweetest girl.”

— Lindsey Cox, July 1, 2022

black and white dog sits on kitchen carpet

Lilly’s family added their update:

She’s grown into a very strong, smart, and sassy little girl!!!”

— Tiffany Thompson, July 13, 2022

black and white dog sits outdoors in camping canvas folding chair


We rescued Cory, a three year old Maine Coon mix cat, from Bond County Animal Control in November 2021. He was a big ol’ friendly guy who liked watching the kittens playing in the shelter community room. Cory got along with all the other cats and was always ready for people hugs, too. After a short stay in another adopting home, he was returned, but quickly found his forever family in January 2022.

Cory (now Oliver)’s mom shares:

Jane and BCHS, Oliver is doing well. He has settled in but is still a little cautious around Ryan. Here he is relaxing on one of his favorite places.”

— Madeline Bender, March 3, 2022

long haired striped cat lounging on a floral sofa


A woman found a litter of kittens and cared for them several weeks before bringing them in to Bond County Humane Society. Chili, the black shorthair, loved to run and play, chasing balls with bells inside. But the highlight of his days was always getting petted by volunteers and visitors to the shelter. Chili was adopted in November 2021 at three months old.

Chili (now Binx)’s mom writes:

He is so sweet and fun. We just love him. We named him Binx.”

— Joanne Dycus, February 7, 2022

black cat sleeping on a woman wearing pink eyeglasses
black cat attempting to touch a flat screen television showing a weather report
black cat sleeping on a colorful blanket beside a woman


Spunky gray and white shorthair Shade was rescued from an animal control facility that was full. At Bond County Humane Society’s shelter, he always wanted to be out of his compartment so volunteers and staff could hold and cuddle him! He’s such a people-y kitten and seeks out the nearest lap. We predicted he would probably be the boy who keeps his family warm at night in bed if they let him. Shade was 7 months old when we matched him to his forever home in January 2022.

Shade (now Bobby)’s family checked in with this email update:

Hello, (Shade) Bobby, has adjusted so well. We just love him so much and appreciate you following up! He has eaten 90% of my plants but his snuggles and big purrs make up for it. 😄 ”

— The Polzin family, February 1, 2022

gray and white cat sleeping on gray chair footrest boy reading his tablet while holding gray and white cat
gray and white cat resting on a cat tree

Bubble & Squeak

“Bubble and Squeak” is more than just a British peasant dish of fried potatoes and cabbage; they’re two kittens Bond County Humane Society rescued from Bond County Animal Control when they were about 3 weeks old. The brothers stayed in a foster home where they were bottle fed and loved on by human adults, an adult cat, and a German Shepherd. Bubble—the adventurous and fun orange tabby—found his forever home first, on December 24, 2021. Squeak—the charming and sweet gray and white tuxedo—went to his forever family a few weeks later on January 29, 2022.

Squeak (now Grayson)’s family updated:

Hello! We adopted Squeak, now known as Grayson, at Petco and just love the super helpful ladies who were patient to answer all of our questions. My family and I just want to thank BCHS for everything you do.

“We are so happy to have Grayson. He has been such a joy and super sweet addition to our family. It barely took him a week to get fully comfortable walking and climbing around the house and cuddling with everyone including his fur brother, Charlie the Labradoodle. He is such a laid back and very affectionate little dude. We just love him so much!”

— Jade Maokosy, February 12, 2022

gray and white cat sits on bed
big whie dog and small gray cat sit with toddler girl in unicorn chair
big curly white dog and gray cat sit on leather arm chair

Bubble (now Tinsel)’s family sent us this great note:

We are having a blast with Bubble AKA Tinsel! He gets along with both dogs—especially loves our 90 pound husky mix and playing with her tail! He has the run of the house. Our 11 year old daughter LOVES to play with Tinsel and have the kitten sleep on her bed. Thank you so much!”

— The Ritz household, January 29, 2022

orange striped kitten held in arms of person wearing green shirt
orange cat plays with black and tan dog



In March 2020, Bond County Humane Society rescued Sheldon from Bond County Animal Control. The large, long haired Forest Cat mix is extremely sociable, affectionate, and while in our shelter, he was even employed: Office Cat! Sheldon excelled at his “job” in our shelter’s administration and office center: greeting visitors, shuffling paperwork, knocking off pens and clips. He’s special needs, having tested positive for FIV which shouldn’t affect his life expectancy when he receives good quality food, regular vet care, and a life in a low stress environment. Sheldon’s actually special twice-over because he also has an old hip injury that limits his activity (we did have to remind HIM of this sometimes!) and he’s on physical therapy protocols to increase mobility and stability for both of his rear legs. So when a fantastic young family offered to give our special guy a forever place with them in December 2021, we were so pleased that their home and lifestyle matched our (and 4 year old Sheldon’s) expectations. Thanks again for choosing a less-adoptable pet!

Sheldon’s family updated us right away:

Hello, it’s us with Mr. Sheldon here, LOL. We just wanted to let you know he seems to have adapted to our home very well; he already claimed a spot on our couch and the arm of our recliner, LOL. He’s been playing with his toys a lot more the past couple days and really warming up to us. We just wanted you to know that he’s doing very well, and is an absolute perfect fit for our home!

“We will send some more pictures and keep you up to date with him and how he’s doing! We hope all of you have a good Christmas! Take care!”

— Lyndell and Nicole Wright, December 22, 2021

fuzzball gray and white cat lays on floor with yellow banana toy


One year old tabby and white shorthair cat Buttons had found herself homeless in 2008 after her person abandoned her. Thanks to Bond County Humane Society’s mission as a no-kill shelter, she could rest assured she’d have a home with us as long as it took to match her to a permanent home. Thanks to veterinarians diagnosing her with IBD and prone to urinary tract issues, Buttons was put on a special diet plus a regimen of low dose prednisone and vitamin B-12 shots. Her health issues did not keep her from playing with toys and some of the other cats in her community room. A little shy with people at first, she’d get comfortable after a bit and her affectionate personality shone through. After waiting a stunning thirteen years, Buttons’ adoption day finally came in December 2021!! She’d live her best senior life, finally getting all the personal daily love and attention in a real home she’d always deserved!

Buttons’ parents sent these great notes and photos:

Hello Jane and Rachel, I hope you had a great Christmas! Buttons is doing very well and settling in to her new home. This is a big adjustment for her, so we are taking things slowly. She is such a sweet little girl; it is hard to believe that she was at the shelter for so long! She seems to enjoy her new blanket that is all hers.

“Thank you!”

— Bob and Michelle Schaeg, December 27, 2021

Hello, I wanted to reach out and give you an update on Buttons who we adopted from Bond County Humane Society last Christmas. Buttons had been in your care for 13 years before we adopted her.

“Buttons was a welcome addition to our family especially given the loss of two of our senior cats to cancer about 2 months prior to adopting her. Unfortunately, about a month ago, she was diagnosed with Large Cell Intestinal Lymphoma which, as I’m sure you know, carries a poor prognosis. At the moment, she is still doing very well despite the diagnosis. After seeing an Oncologist, we are treating her with a higher dose of Prednisone and the oral Chemotherapy drug Lumastine which she is tolerating well and is getting frequent blood work to keep tabs on the progression of the disease.

“I wanted to make sure you knew that even though we may not have the years we expected to have left with Buttons, she’s still being spoiled as the princess she is and will get nothing less than the best care we can provide for her. There were a few times where we were worried her appetite was waning, but then we realized that what she wanted was for us to sit with her and love on her while she eats (which of course we do). Michelle has gone back to work part time at the Vet clinic she used to work at many years ago and where we still take all of our cats today, so veterinary care and advice is never more than a phone call or text away for us.

“We are so thankful that we found Buttons and have been able to have her in our lives. Attached are a few pictures of her as well. Thanks,”

— Bob and Michelle Schaeg, August 22, 2022

brown striped cat resting on pink blanket personalized with her name
brown striped cat lounges on top of brown suede furniture and stretches out one front leg
brown striped cat sits beside orange striped cat
brown striped cat with bright yellow eyes looks alert on a fleece blanket beside a black and white cat
brown striped cat sits near a window on her pink blanket personalized with her name


Stray kitten, Salem, and his litter mate had been rescued by Bond County Humane Society from Bond County Animal Control when they were about 6 weeks old. The kitties were practically twins, though Salem had more white fur on his chest... and he was the rowdy one, loving to run and play and always trying to get other cats to play too. He was also so cuddly and affectionate with people, trying to convince them all to take him and his fur-games home! He was first adopted in December 2020 but they had to return him. So we were thrilled to match Salem, now 15 months old, to a new great forever home in September 2021. We know our little man is in the right place now.

Salem’s adoptive family writes:

Here is an update on Salem! He’s happy in his new forever home and is very cuddly. Vella is warming up to him just fine. Thank you for such a great kitty.”

— Rachel Thomas, October 12, 2021

black cat getting petted
black cat resting on bed getting pet pets


In July 2021, Bond County Humane Society pulled Stella—an 8 week old, high energy, intelligent Black Mouth Cur mix—from an Animal Control facility that had no more space. The litter of puppies had originally been transported to Illinois from Tennessee. Volunteers worked with the puppies at the BCHS dog shelter, getting to know their personalities and finding out just how smart they were. Stella took quickly to playing fetch with a ball and other objects. She learned “Sit” and had started on the commands “Leave It” and “Wait.” The Black Mouth Cur breed is known to be a great family dog and protective of children, so we were excited to match Stella to a young family with two boys during a Petco Adoption Event in August 2021.

Stella’s adoptive parents write:

Thank you for your help in bringing Stella into our family. She is already so very loved. We have wonderful days full of running and playing and, boy, does she sure love the water! We had to tempt her with a treat to get her to come in and rest. She was pretty content lounging on the patio after an afternoon of playing outside in the water with us. We go on our evening walks and she wants to run! She has no shortage of snuggles as we all lounge around for a movie. She’s tuckered out but seems very happy here.

“Our other dogs are taking to her from day one. I know it’ll be an adjustment period but they play really well together! Thanks again for everything. We are so excited that she is part of our family now!...

“She is growing up and doing well! Thank you for saving these pups!!”

— Kara & Michael Corby, Aug 28, 2021 & Jan 4, 2022

brown dog sits up like a person on a brown leather sofa. 2 young boys in swim trunks with small brown puppy in green color run through lawn sprinkler and plastic slippery slide.
small boy in yellow shirt sits on floor and pets sleepy brown puppy on his lap. black and white dog, dark brown dog, and small brown puppy lounge together on carpet floor.

Willow & Winter

Willow and Winter came to Bond County Humane Society in July 2021 from Bond County Animal Control. They’d been born to a feral mother cat in a campground and the campers socialized the tabby kittens. Winter (more brown) was bigger than his sister Willow (more gray), but they were best friends and play buddies. Willow’s favorite toy in the shelter was the turbo scratcher. Winter’s favorite was the scratcher ramp. Winter also has unusual fur—almost like soft ticked rabbit fur with speckles! In August, 19 week old Willow found her new parents, but they kept thinking about adopting that second kitten, too. Two days later, Winter joined Willow in forever home bliss! Thanks for coming back and giving both of our babies their new home and their happy tails!!

Their parents sent us this quick update:

Hello friends! We wanted to share a few pictures with you!

— Justin, Dakota, Willow and Winter, August 26, 2021

happy family of two men and their two tabby cats Winter and Willow!
Winter the tabby cat rests happily in sunshine with paw outstretched.
two tabby cats sleep silly on a blanket on the floor
two tabby cats explore a cat tree and scratcher


In June 2021, Bond County Humane Society rescued 7 week old River—a gray kitten with tons of ear floof—and his siblings from Bond County Animal Control. In our cat shelter, River treated everyone as a friend and loved playing with all the other kittens, climbing, studying nature and farming out the window. His favorite sport was playing punching bag (maybe it was tetherball?) with a toy that hung from the top of his compartment. In no time at all we matched him with an international student attending a local university.

River (now Merlin)’s mom sent us this great note:

Hello! Hope you are doing well! I just wanted to update you on River. I renamed him to Merlin (the great wizard). He is extremely affectionate and loving but he does tend to get the zoomies, where he bites and scratches. But other than that he is happy and healthy!... I’ll [take your advice on this behavior and] definitely ignore his zoomies next time in case he’s doing it to get attention.

“I have attached a few pictures of him. Thank you again for letting me adopt this beautiful little boy! ALl my best.”

— Molly Smalley, August 25, 2021

blond woman in eyeglasses and yellow shirt lounges on pillow beneath sleepy fluffy gray Merlin cat
gray cat Merlin stretches out his toes towards camera!
gray cat Merlin sleeps on top of brown arm chair in front of bright window with green plant on sill


Bond County Humane Society rescued Dovey and her four siblings from Bond County Animal Control when they were 8 weeks old. Cuddly and friendly, gray and white Dovey proved the most adventurous of the kittens. She loved toys and sometimes didn’t want to share! Seven weeks after arriving to the shelter, she met her forever parents in July 2021.

Dovey (now Gracie)’s mom writes:

She is doing very well and gets along with my other pets. Gracie enjoys playing with the other cats. They wrestle and run. The older cats groom her! She sleeps on the couch, under the couch and on top of the couch, in my chair, on top of the cat tree, in a basket. Gracie is such a sweetie. She is full of energy and so much fun to play with.”

— Sharon Treptow, August 12, 2021

gray and white kitten sleeps on dad's lap with older tortoiseshell cat sister.
gray and white kitten is ready to pounce from her scratcher toy on the floor.
gray and white kitten gets groomed on her head by older orange cat sibling.


Bond County Humane Society rescued Piper, along with her three siblings, from a high-risk facility in Tennessee. When they arrived at our shelter, the Labrador Retriever mix puppies were timid, but Piper quickly learned to trust and her confidence soared. She would Sit when treats were involved. She practiced walking on leash with BCHS volunteers and did great... until butterflies zoomed about to distract her! Piper found her forever home at 5 months old in July 2021.

Piper’s mom checked in with these fun photos:

Here’s Piper’s first pool party! Her first river trip! And she gets along great with my other dog, Creamer... Best buds!”

— Vicky Dallas, August 2021

black dog in a blue kiddie pool filled with muddy water
black dog on red leash wading in river with rock bottom and clear water black dog and brown dog playing with volleyball.
black dog and brown dog sitting together in an easy chair.
black dog and brown dog both trying to keep a single green tennis ball in their mouth.


Bond County Humane Society rescued Checkers and his four siblings from Bond County Animal Control when they were 8 weeks old. A friendly risk taker, Checkers had a habit of climbing and getting himself into the highest places! Two months after arriving to the shelter, he met his forever dad in August 2021.

Checkers’s dad sent these updates:

Hello! Checkers is adjusting very well to my home. He was a little shy the first day or two but he’s really settled in nicely.

“He spent most of yesterday hiding out & climbing around my bathroom vanity. And I’m not sure how, but he was able to squeeze into my small Q-Tip / contact lens drawer. The drawers were closed but I guess the backs don’t go all of the way to the wall. Had no idea where he was until I saw a tail drooping from behind the drawer. Today he’s hanging out behind my couch so he’s exploring other areas of the house...

“He follows me around everywhere in the home He’ll sleep everywhere: my bed, the couch, my desk, on the floor... everywhere!

“Definitely a cute kitten. Thanks for letting me adopt him! My experience adopting through Bond County Humane Society was very pleasant. I’d do it again.”

— Bill Venhaus, August 8 & September 7, 2021

black and white kitten perches on man's shoulder.
black and white cat peeks out from behind a litter box against the wall.
black and white cat sits inside a dresser drawer.
black and white cat squeezed into a bathroom vanity cabinet drawer.


Cotton, a handsome cat with Lynx Point Siamese markings, arrived at Bond County Humane Society as a mostly white kitten. The folks who surrendered him and his two litter mates wanted to make sure the strays they’d found were well cared for and would eventually be adopted. Cotton found his forever home in northern Illinois in July 2018 when he was 11 weeks old.

Cotton’s mom sent this note (in her cat’s voice... we love that!):

Dear Greg & Christine at Bond County Humane Society,

“I am enjoying a lazy Sunday at the farm and wanted you to know that I am so happy with my life and my family is grateful to you guys for bringing me into theirs 3 years ago! Hope you are well!

“Love, Cotton.”

—Stephanie Wise, August 8, 2021

Lynx point tabby and cream cat stretches out on carved and upholstered arm chair


At only 18 days old, Teddy and his three litter mates were brought to Bond County Humane Society. They’d been found alone on a porch. We placed them into foster care where the kittens could be bottle fed and weaned to wet and dry food. Teddy turned out to be a gamer and such a feisty little boy. He’d play with any toy, but preferred ones that move. In July 2021, at 13 weeks old, Teddy matched into a fine furever home.

Teddy’s family checks in:

We adopted Teddy almost 2 weeks ago and he is adjusting great to the dogs. They are adjusting to him as well. Here are a few pictures of a trip to Arkansas last weekend.”

— Chuck Thompson, July 27, 2021

white kitten plays with big yellow dog near a glass paned door.
white kitten sits on a green easy chair.
white kitten sleeps beside two large yellow dogs.


Good Samaritans found five-week old Luna at a Greenville park 10pm August 7, 2020. The family called Bond County Humane Society and agreed to foster her; nursing her weak body through sickness, ear mites, and severe eye infections. She ultimately lost her left eye but the right eye—and her vision—was saved! Luna, a mild and sweet gray tabby with a feisty side played great with the other cats and even large dogs in her foster home, and even though the family once thought they could give her up for adoption, they decided they couldn’t bear to see her go and adopted her themselves that November!

Now Luna’s family writes:

Every evening after we administered her medication, Luna would curl into our arms on the couch; always with the sweetest smile on her face and her front paws stretched high above her head. Following her eye surgery Luna’s kitten personality began to show and she loved to play and chase balls. We had a really hard time keeping her settled so she wouldn’t tear her stitches. Even with all her new found energy and silliness one thing remained the same: Luna loved to snuggle. Our children were begging to keep her; our fur babies would miss their free-spirited friend; and my husband and I would miss her precious snuggles. We would adopt Luna!

“Losing her eye did not slow Luna down in the least. She is just as capable as our other cats who do not have disabilities and her care is also similar. Since her adoption not much has changed for Luna. She spends her days curled up in the living room with her feline brother Toby or stretched out in the sunroom, engulfed in sunshine. Luna loves to watch the birds and squirrels in the yard: cat TV. Her favorite game is to scoop pieces of dog food out of the dog’s bowl and bat it around the house; this works because her canine brother Lincoln, who is some type of Hound, loves to find the pieces! But the one thing that hasn’t changed: Luna LOVES to snuggle. Every night, without fail, she finds one of us on the couch. She jumps up and finds a comfy spot in your arms or on your chest and she settles in for her nightly snuggles.”

— Sarah Hulbert, June 4, 2021

boy wears headphones, looks at mobile phone, while cuddling gray striped Luna cat
gray cat Luna and orange cat brother Toby climb their cat tree!
gray cat Luna and orange cat brother Toby share a window bed


Way back in 2010, Jemma and her sisters and brother came to Bond County Humane Society as four month old strays. Jemma’s been a shy and reserved cat, but over the years, we saw she could warm up to people she learned to trust. She never knew a home outside the shelter and was happy to just watch the other cats in her community room without interacting very much. But then in May 2021, a man saw her profile online and came to ask us about her... even though he lived in Colorado and was only visiting Illinois! He was in love with our Jemma. It turned out Jemma fell in love with him and his home as well! Here’s to finally having a place and a perfect pink mousie toy to call your own, “Little Miss Sunshine”!!!

Jemma’s dad sent us this update letter:

Hi Jane (and everyone at BCHS!), I’ve attached a few photos of Jemma enjoying her new favorite activity—squirrel watching. Our home sits right next to a park, so we get lots of urban wildlife, and I feed the squirrels in our backyard every day. She saw her first squirrel up close this morning, one came up to the patio to ask for a peanut, and she was watching through the glass patio doors. Her eyes got as big as saucers! She loves to watch them out of the window in my bedroom. We also get tons of birds and bunnies in the yard, so she has a lot to keep an eye on.

“Overall, Jemma is doing very well and settling in, and we’re starting to see a little bit of her personality blossom. On the good side, she’s had lots of firsts this week. She got to come out of my room and explore the house, and she’s taken very well to the space. She doesn’t seem to be a hider, and we don’t really see her as shy. My room is definitely her safe space, but she likes to wander from room to room, from upstairs to downstairs...

“She also seems to want to engage with us, and be paid attention to. She seems to have taken to both my partner Justin and I very well. She’s extremely affectionate, and loves to have her nose rubbed. She likes to be petted—to a point, and then she’s very good at letting us know when she’s had enough. I think she’s still getting used to the idea that she has the same two humans there to pay sole attention to her every day.

“She likes to sit in my lap on the couch, and she was absolutely fascinated the first time she saw the TV. We were watching the zombie show, and she was mesmerized by the people talking back and forth. And then the snarling zombies appeared on the screen, and she bolted for the safety of my room. It was an adorable and hilarious moment.

“On the not-so-good side, our other cat, 15-year old Grace, has been absolutely furious that there’s another cat in the house. It can’t all be perfect, right? So it’s been a slow transition on that front this week, and we’ve mostly been keeping them separate, giving them each their own time to have the run of the house...

“She’s holding her own very well, though—and it seems to get a little better every day. Just today, we reached the landmark of what I call “the standoff”—them being within a few feet of each other without lots of screaming and hissing—only glaring and low growling, and just a dash of obvious curiosity about each other. Whoopie!

“I will keep you posted on her progress, and send more photos! Hope everyone and all the kitties are well there! Best,”

— Nathan Grover, May 14, 2021

Jemma is queen of her people bed!
Jemma is friends with dad's partner, too.
Jemma has all the wildlife in sight out her window.

Another Update on Jemma!

Hey Hey Hey Jane, and Everyone at BCHS!! I want you all to know off the top that Jemma is so happy, and doing so well, and we absolutely positively ridiculously couldn’t love her more. She’s our Jemmy Jam, our Jommy, our Ginger Snap, our Freckle Nose, our OOG (Original Orange Girl), our Lady Marmalade, our Sunset. She’s the first cat we’ve gotten to share, my partner Justin and I. She might even like him a little better. He can’t sit on the couch without her having to be in his lap.

“We’ve experienced so much joy watching her blossom. She is the perfect girl for our family at the exact right moment. We lost our cat Taylor in December of 2020. I thank the universe for the internet and seeing Jemma on Petfinder from Denver. It’s been a long adjustment, though. Our 16-year old cat Grace did not take well to having a new cat in the house and we had to keep them separated for the first six weeks. And then the tables completely flipped in their power dynamic. Jemma snuck up on Grace and scared her. Our social, vocal Grace became the shy cat. It took our kitchen renovation to bring the girls closer. When they’d get to come out from their separate rooms each night, they’d immediately find each other and sniff noses. There is still tension between them, but they’re at the point where they co-exist peacefully. They have dinner together every day in the new kitchen. They’re cute together and they’ve become sisters.

“This year has really been a succession of firsts: Jemma learned to stop doing laps around the house and took a moment to lie on the bed next to me; both Grace and Jemma sat on the couch with me; Jemma got the zooms and felt comfortable enough to play and run from room to room without the need to patrol or feel threatened. She may be 12, but she is getting to live some of those kitten years now. She is such a bright little point of light. She loves to have her nose rubbed. She seems to know she waited a long time to be here with us and we feel incredibly lucky we could give her that. She brings us so much joy every day.

“Again, thank you so so so so so much, and I will keep you posted on our Peach Tree, our Golden Girl.”

— Nathan Grover, April 9, 2022

2022 Photo Update

orange cat on right with gray cat sister on left, comfy on black blanket
orange cat lounging on carpeted floor in susshine
orange cat walking through linoleum floor kitchen during remodel with contractor supplies

Cinnamon & Dane

Small kitten Cinnamon and her litter mates were surrendered to Bond County Humane Society at 6 weeks old after they’d been born to a stray cat. Nice people took care of the little family until the kittens were weaned and could be separated from mom. All the kittens were well-handled and socialized from birth, making them exceptionally friendly and ready to purr. BCHS rescued unclaimed stray kitten Dane and a litter mate from Bond County Animal Control. He’s also super sweet, quick to purr, and he loved playing with the other shelter cats and all his toys. In January 2021, brown tabby Cinnamon, now 12 weeks old, went to her forever home full of kids and fun. Then in March 2021, 5 month old orange tabby Dane joined her in the same home!

Their family writes:

I took Dane to the vet right away after noticing that his third eyelid (nictitating membrane) was showing in both eyes, and he seemed lethargic. The vet said he may have Haws syndrome. He also had an abscess on his back near his leg and he’s on antibiotics for that.

“In better news, Cinnamon didn’t take to him at first but after he was feeling better they began playing with each other (slowly at first) but are now the best of friends. They play together, sleep together, and hang out near each other all day long.”

— Catherine Miller, March 15, 2021

two tabby cats sit in cat tree bed.
two tabby cats are sleepy and snuggly together.
orange tabby cat poses for photo in front and brown tabby cat tries to sleep in background.


Cyndar came to Bond County Humane Society in June 2020 after she and a littermate had been born to a stray cat and rescued. The gray shorthair kitten loved her toys and loved cuddling with people. Some of the shelter volunteers described her as “feisty”! In December 2020, at seven months old, Cyndar found her forever fit, home, and even a new name.

Cyndar (now Charlie)’s family writes:

Charlie is doing great. She has very quickly become an indispensable part of the family. Everyone loves her and Charlie is wonderful with them. Along with our Shih Tzu, Cinnamon, she is referred to as ‘one of the girls’. She is incredibly feisty but sweet and lovable. Charlie and Cinnamon are becoming good play pals; it’s hilarious to watch them chase each other and play. The funniest part is when this devious cat hides behind, under, or on furniture to pounce on the dog when she walks by. She has full run of the house at night with the exception of my and my wife’s bed. She thinks it is a king-sized toy.

“An excellent experience! If our family wanted another pet, we would adopt again from Bond County Humane Society. The service was exceptional and the drive was well worth it. We could tell you all took care of your animals well. Thank you all.”

— Jay, Megan, Camden, and the rest of the Smiths, January 27, 2021

gray cat and small dog pose for picture on furniure.
gray cat peeks from paper bag on kitchen counter.
gray cat sleeps on sofa while dog sleeps in bed on floor.
small dog and gray cat play games on the stairs.


In March 2020, Bond County Humane Society rescued 8 month old Purrcilla — a gray tortoiseshell cat — from Bond County Animal Control. Precious, outgoing, and companionable, Purrcilla found a best cat friend in our shelter — they constantly played together and groomed each other. We were able to match her to a great forever home in January 2021.

Purrcilla’s mom checked in:

Hello! I wanted to share an update on Purrcilla. She seems to be adjusting well and we just love her. She has a favorite chair and loves to play in boxes. We built her a cat tree she enjoys spending time on and she also likes watching birds and squirrels out our full glass door. I’ve attached a few photos for you to enjoy.

“Thanks so much for helping us through the adoption process.”

— Tisha Miller, January 20, 2021

gray cat Purrcilla watches out the back glass door for birds and squirrels.
gray cat Purrcilla enjoys her homemade cat tree!